Question: Numeric vs symbolic computations

Hi all


Please, I'd like to clarify some basic points about performing computations in Maple 18. Up to now I have been doing some numeric calcs using matrices normally composed of 10 to 15 columns and 200 to 600 rows.


When doing the calcs with a matrix of ~200 rows, it is just ok but as the number of rows increase the calculation speed reduces significantly.


The data contained in each row is calculated within a loop cycle (i.e.: for i from 1 to 200 do ......).


The number of rows is controlled by a slider so when I drag the slider the calcs are automatically updated and the results shown graphically.


As I said it is too slow so I don't know if I should be looking into the option of doing calcs symbolically first? However you can't use symbolic notation when working with matrices. I still got a lot of calcs to do but prefer not to continue as it will only get slower so better to see if I can optimise speed.


Any comment is trully appreciated.




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