Question: Linear system, GenerateMatrix, solve, vector solution



Please, I need your help, to form and solve a linear system.

1) I want to solve the system (13) using "GenerateMatrix" , the system is   evaluated  at  point x[m]=-a+m*h, m=0..2N , In my code I get  equation (15), ( I think it's okay), I juste use subs, x=x[m].
My function, ph(x) approximate by phi[m]=phi(x[m]).  and I want to compute the vecteur [phi[1], phi[2],...,phi[2*N+1]] is my solution.

2) The nodes, are x[k]=-a+k*h, k=0..2*N;  I want to display these nodes in the x-axis, i write the code with the names of each point, but there is an error.

There is some a mistake in my code maple.

Here, my code.





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