Question: How can I solve Matrix = Matrix ?

I have two 6x1 Matrices which are the results of a calculation process in Maple. One with a set of equations and the other one with a set of variables: 

A := [0, f(x6), f(x6), 0, 0, f(x6)];

b := [x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6];

I'd like to solve the following system:

for i from 1 to 6 do

eq[i] := A[i] = b[i]:


which is

eq[1] := 0 = x1;

eq[2] := f(x6) = x2;

eq[3] := f(x6) = x3;



If I type in the eqations manually, and execute "s := solve({eq[1],..,eq[6]},{x1,..,x6})" everything solves fine.

If I use the "for i from..." - structure, and execute "s := solve({eq[1],..,eq[6]},{x1,..,x6})" I get an empty space as solution.

I've tried to convert both matrices into lists, but it doesn't work.

Could it be that Maple doesnt know that x6 has to be the x6 in the function f(x6) ?

Can anyone tell me how to solve this please?

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