Question: I'm a noob, please help me!

Hello guys,


I'm starting to learn MAPLE this week, so first of all I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge about the software. 

I got a worksheet with a ready code, and i'm trying to run it, but I'm receiving an error message that I don't know how to solve, by the fact that I don't know very well yet. But I need to run this URGENTLY, so my hope is that you guys could help me.


The line of code is the following: 


S1:-Results(solutionpoint);for cont2 from 1 to 2 do VNUM[jj,cont2]:=(rhs(S1:-Results(solutionpoint)[de+s+m+cont2]))end do;seq(-add(v[k]*x[jj,k],[r]*y[jj,r],r=1..s)<=0,j=1..n);seq(add(u[r]*y[jj,r],r=1..s)-add(v[k]*x[jj,k],<=0,j=1..n),


And the error message is the following: "Error, invalid sequence". I think that maybe is something really simple like a comma or something like that. Can you please help me? Thank you very much

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