Question: How to model and print annotated spiral scales

I am making something for my math prof as a token of appreciation. It is a spiral slide rule designed to fit in a watch face, but it can be made bigger. I threw together a program to show what I mean:

I was told that maple can be used to create things like this, but since I am new to the software, I really don't know how to put something like this together. The best I could do was to make a spiral in polar coordinates, and plot my lists of points on top of it. However, this does not annotate the points and I can't make nice looking lines (the only point options in polarplot are stars, crosses, and other things that aren't what Im looking for).

Does anyone know how I could model this, and then export it as a format where I might be able to send to a printer to get it printed on specialty paper?

Thank you very much


EDIT: I uploaded my plot here, in case you want to see it:

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