Question: Animation of two plot sequences of several arrays

Hi everyone

Title might be misleading but couldn't come up with a short version of my problem.

The idea is to show an animation of several plots of an array, which all have different values in the positive and in the negative range. For distinguishing purposes I want to show positive values in a different colour than the negative values.

For better understanding imagine a chess board with the rows and columns and there are places with values, black chess pieces as positive values and white chess pieces as negative values. Each array in the sequence from A1 to An shows a movement.

For the plots I use sparsematrixplot which unfortunately just shows all non-zero values. So I seperated the original array and made two arrays, one with the positive values and one with the negative values. I am able to animate the sequence of several plots and can play the animation of two sequences consecutively with following:

display([A,B], insequence=true);

Hence my questions
1. Is it possible to plot an array with different colours for different values and can I animate these plots?

2. If not, is there a way to display the two plot sequences on top of each other?


Thanks for your help in advance.

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