Question: Is Maple solving an unsolvable ODE?

Is this a  false positive, where Maple is solving an ODE which is supposed to be unsolvable?

Accoding to and considering ODE 13

Maple 18.01 does give an answer for the above ODE. I verfied the ODE from the book as well. The answer returned by Maple is very large, but it does solve it in 195 CPU seconds. Therefore the question is: Is this a false result? Or is the above document have an error in it and ODE 13 is actually solvable?

ode:=diff(y(x), x$2)-(a*y(x)^2+b*x*y(x)+c*x^2+alpha*y(x)+beta*x+gamma)^(-3/2);
sol:=dsolve(ode,y(x)) assuming a::NonZero; #I get an answer with or without this assumption. The book has the assumption



gives an error as well. May be this is related to the issue or not. Not sure now.

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