Question: Simplification of Matrix with Trigonometric Functions



in summary, I have a problem with the evaluation of a matrix multiplication between matrices with trigonometric entries.

Im a bloody beginner with Maple, so sorry in case this question is stupid or I posted in a wrong way!


There is the 6x6-Matrix  L, which has entries like:  Lmn = L1 + L2 cos(2 phi + phi_0).

I want to transform this Matrix L with  the 3x6 rotational Matrices T and its 6x3 Inverse-Matrix  T_p_inverse, 

like:                              L_transformated = T * L * T_p_inverse


The problem is, that I don't get Maple to simplify the solution.

I tried combine, simplify, expand, evala, but maple does not combine and simplify the solution. Due to the trigonometric entries and orthonomal row-vectors in T, I expect the solution to be quite simple.

Attached you find my worksheet!

It would be great if somebody can help me or give me a hint!

Thanks a lot!



Here are the exact Matrices:






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