Question: What is the problem and how to solve it,thanks


Jugdement := proc (F, P)

local f, N1, N2, i, j, k, q, LTF, LTPj;

N1 := nops(F); N2 := numelems(P);

for i to N1 do

LTF := LeadingTerm(F, plex(w, t, s, x, y, z));

for j to N2 do

LTPj := LeadingTerm(P[j], plex(w, t, s, x, y, z));

f := divide(LTF[2], LTPj[2], 'q');

if f = true then

k := j;


end if

end do;

if f = true then


end if;

if f = false then

F := F-LTF[1]*LTF[2]

end if

end do;

return k, f, q, P[k], LTF[1]

end proc:

F := x^2+y^2+z^2;
                             2    2    2
                       F := x  + y  + z 
P := {z, x*z, y*x};
                       P := {z, x z, y x}
Jugdement(F, P);
Error, (in Jugdement) illegal use of a formal parameter

I want to know what is the problem?

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