Question: Does Maple have a interface of plantri to generate some specific planar graphs?

We know that it is easier to get all  non-isomorphic graph on n verteices in maple. 

g:=[NonIsomorphicGraphs(8, output = graphs, outputform = graph)]:


But it's not very convenient for planar graphs except for select, especially for special planar graphs (for example,  all triangulations on 12 verices) that have slightly higher number of vertices. In fact, maple has relatively few options for generating special graphs. 

Fortunately, Plantri can do  that at a high rate of speed. Here's the web version of Plantri ( ), so we can enjoy it. More interestingly, I see that Maple has a license to use Nauty  and plantri.

But I don't know if Maple has any interface functions to use nauty or plantri , and that would be great!


  1. Nauty can generate all unlabelled simple graphs on a given number of vertices with various additional properties.
  2. plantri is a program for generation of certain types of planar graph.


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