Question: Task insertion doesn't work anymore.

Hi MaplePrimes,

I've updated to the 2023 version of Maple. After the update I chose to remove older version folders in Windows.

Since then I cant't use my tasks any longer. I've re created the tasks and the are also shown in the Task Palette, but clicking on a task results in nothing. I can though create a new Task and after the creation all my tasks can then be used again.

Its like Maple doesn't recognize the correct Help Database from the beginning. I've reinstalled Maple 2023 two or three times to try to reset the whole installation to something from scratch. Nothing that I do seems to produce the desired result. Does anybody out there have a solution or suggestion to a probable solution?

I don't know of any file that I could attach to exemplify my problem. It's not a math/maple problem relating directly to the maple code language. My tasks themselves work fine once inserted in a document. It's the insertion itself that's the problem.


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