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How should i remove all brackets and conditions, such that i can fetch only equation t2 = something. I am attaching the image below.  

Used to know, I think.  How do you convert a Matrix to an image?  I want to use the PadImage command from the ImageTools package.

Here is a notional example of a user defined  Probability Distribution:

  • One of the "attribute" or "property" (sorry but I don't know the correct word to use) in any known distribution (that is already implemented in Maple) is Parameters: an example is  provided for a Gaussian RV.
  • In a first stage I define a simple Distribution named MyDist and declare X as a random variable of distribution MyDist.
  • Then I decide to complete the definition of MyDist by adding the "property" Parameters.
    I get an error I don't know how to get rid of.

Does anyone has any idea to fix that ?

PS: I browse the Statistics library to try and understand how this "property" is defined for a known distribution but I couldn't find any clue.

Thanks in advance.



G := RandomVariable(Normal(a, b)):


Conditions, ParentName, Parameters, CharacteristicFunction, CDF, CGF, HodgesLehmann, Mean, Median, MGF, Mode, PDF, RousseeuwCrouxSn, StandardDeviation, Support, Variance, CDFNumeric, QuantileNumeric, RandomSample, RandomSampleSetup, RandomVariate, MaximumLikelihoodEstimate


[a, b]


MyDist := (mu, Sigma) -> Distribution(Mean=mu, Variance=Sigma):

X := RandomVariable(MyDist(m, V));
(Mean, Variance)(X);



m, V


MyDist := (mu, Sigma) -> Distribution(Mean=mu, Variance=Sigma, Parameters=[mu, Sigma]):

Y := RandomVariable(MyDist(m, V));

Error, (in Statistics:-Distribution) invalid input: too many and/or wrong type of arguments passed to NewDistribution; first unused argument is Parameters = [m, V]


m, V




Hi every one

How do I automatically change the polynomial ring R=K[x1,...,xn] into the quotient ring R/I when I is a homogeneous ideal of degree d in R?

For example, let I be a polynomial ideal generated by [x-y, x^2+y^2+z^2] in R=K[x,y,z]. In the middle of the computations, the ideal B=[x-y] is computed and now we have to continue the calculation at the quotient ring R/B. How does change R into R/B automatically in Maple and then [x^2+y^2+z^2] changes into [2y^2+z^2] and K[x,y,z]/[x-y] ----> K[y,z]?

Thank you in advance.

Just wonder if there are any known issues when using dots in Maple code attachment names?

Only issue so far that I can see is that error messages are split a bit strange.

How can i plot stream lines by using velocity components (tx+1, -ty-t^2)? or by stream function?

how can i sort [x,x/3] to [x/3,x]

sort([x, x/3]) ?

I looking to create a GUI may be from outside say script language or any given language may be 

The main intention is I have my

maple code


A python code

In the same folder say

I create a GUI with two buttons

When I click one button it runs my maple file in that folder and generates the output

Second button runs the python file that folder generates the output

Is such a coding  creatable 

One more import is can we call a maple code to run from python like how we call exe files


Can we call python compiler attached and file from maple and run it 

I need help to solve this ODE,

I didn't get series values F(k+3),Theta(k+2),phi(k+2),error comes in summation values.and

How to find the unknown parameters A,B,C.

Please why does 

roots(x^5 - C__1*x^4 -C__2*x^3 -C__3*x^2 -C__4*x +C__5, x);

returns  [ ]?

How can I animate the revolution surface around the red line?

Hi every one

Let F=[f1,...,f10] be a  list of homogeneous polynomials with different degrees. I want to create a list of lists s.t. any list satisfies the following conditions:

1. all elements of a list have the same degree.

2. the lists contained in the main list sort increasingly.

For example if F=[x-y, y+z, x^3-xyz+z^3, y^3-xz^2, y^6-x^4y^2, x^5y-z^6+x^2y^2z^2] then 

L=[[x-y, y+z],[x^3-xyz+z^3, y^3-xz^2],[y^6-x^4y^2, x^5y-z^6+x^2y^2z^2]] is the output.

Thanks for your answers.

It would be nice to have a point probe for images ie.pixel location. 

Maple code for solving system of ODE using forward-backward sweep method.

While working a test workbook in Maple 2023 - added a file went away for a while and came back and started adding code to the workbook when I suppose it did an autosave and this error came up 4x in a row. 

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