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I have been trying to solve the following question using Maple for quite some time but couldn't do it. Any guide will be highly appreciated. 

P.S: I have just started learning it by myself in the last few days. I have been following An Introduction to Modern Mathematical Computing: With Maple. If you could suggest a more useful text, that would be helpful.

Please find the question below.

Warning: Solutions may have been lost;  Pleas help, i have uploaded .mw file

How I have used maple 2018, 2019 and 2020. I am now trying to switch to 2021, however the resolution is irritating. The resoluion in the palettes tab is bad and is especially bad for the "popup suggestion window" when you press escape on like "sum" or "e". I have tried searching on google to fix it but have not been able to find any help. Using windows 10

The pictures attached shows the resolution problem.

I know it is a small issue, but it annoys me a lot. So any suggestions to what I could do?

Where should I put the activation code ! 

Dear forum,

my name is Klaus, I am a former mathcad-user and new to maple. I try to get some sheets converted and found a maple-behaviour I don't understand.

I made up a simple function with an if statement. When I try different inputs by hand, I get correct results.
But if I try to plot it, I get the message that the if-statement does not work.

My question : How can I solve this ? And what is the difference between plotting a function and entering values manually ?


funktion := x -> if 2*Unit('m') < x then 1/x; else 2*Unit('m'); end if;

r1 := 3.0*Unit('m');

r2 := 6*Unit('m');

plot(funktion(x), x = r1 .. r2);
Error, (in funktion) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 2 < x*Units:-Unit(1/m)

I have encountered the problem of extracting multivariable polynomial coefficients, such as using the remove command,

eq2 := 3*p^4*a[2]^2+6*p^2*q^2*a[2]*b[2]+3*q^4*b[2]^2+p^4;
eq2 :=convert(eq2,list);    

eq2 := [3*p^4*a[2]^2, 6*p^2*q^2*a[2]*b[2], 3*q^4*b[2]^2, p^4]

[3*a[2]^2, 6*a[2]*b[2], 3*b[2]^2, undefined]

eq3 := 3*p^4*a[2]^2+6*p^2*q^2*a[2]*b[2]+3*q^4*b[2]^2;
eq3 :=convert(eq3,list);


[3*a[2]^2, 6*a[2]*b[2], 3*b[2]^2]

Because the term p ^ 4 similar to power appears, a program should be written to calculate it,      Programming           


local i,xishulist,teamlist;           



for i in teamlist do           

if type(i,`^`) then           




  end if;           

end do:           

end proc:           

Inspection procedure:         

 eq2 := 3*p^4*a[2]^2+6*p^2*q^2*a[2]*b[2]+3*q^4*b[2]^2+p^4*c[3]+p^3*q*c[3]+6*p^3*a[1]*a[2]+6*p^2*q*a[2]*b[1]+p*q^3*d[3]+6*p*q^2*a[1]*b[2]+q^4*d[3]+6*q^3*b[1]*b[2]+p^4+4*p^3*q+p^3*c[2]+6*p^2*q^2+p^2*q*c[2]+6*p^2*a[0]*a[2]+3*p^2*a[1]^2+6*p^2*a[2]*b[0]+4*p*q^3+p*q^2*d[2]+6*p*q*a[1]*b[1]+q^4+q^3*d[2]+6*q^2*a[0]*b[2]+6*q^2*b[0]*b[2]+3*q^2*b[1]^2+p^2*c[1] +p*q*c[1]+p*q*d[1]+6*p*a[0]*a[1]+6*p*a[1]*b[0]+q^2*d[1]+6*q*a[0]*b[1]+6*q*b[0]*b[1]+p*c[0]+p*d[0]+q*c[0]+q*d[0]+3*a[0]^2+6*a[0]*b[0]+3*b[0]^2            extractxishu(eq2);           

The result is incorrect  , It is found that the command is successful in a separate calculation, but extractxishu is invalid in the program. Why?

  Can any expert tell me where this mistake is? How to modify this program!

Can someone tell me why there is a difference between global and local variables in this code?

...cannot determine if this expression is true or false

Maybe I am missing something here. Maybe it's just a new feature?

I have just installed Maple 2021 on Mac.

A simple sheet, using simplify-simplify to get units right.

Sometimes Maple doesn't update result when pressing Enter.

Sometimes Maple doesn't give any result when pressing Enter.

First everything ok:

Then I change a to 5 m. Pressing Enter on all three lines gives:

The value of A is not updated.

If I then delete the 'simplify 9 m^2' and presses Enter on the line with A:=a*b, there is no output?

Pressing Enter on blue line, no output.




I need to linearize this non-autonomous differential equation at the equilibrium point (which, according to numerical simulations, is present).

I am familiar with the usual approaches through the Jacobi matrix, but how to use this tool in the case of non-autonomous equations is not clear.

Dear Maple specialists, I ask for help. I would be grateful for your advice and support.

Reviewing the help Physics Examples worksheet Section 1, subsection 5 a transformation between cartesion and spherical coordinates is defined using the command ChangeCoordinates from the Physics[Vectors] package. This command is described briefly as follows in the Updates, Maple 2015, Physics page:

"New command: ChangeCoordinates, to rewrite an algebraic expression, using Cartesian, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates, an expression that involves these coordinates, either a scalar expression, or vectorial one but then not changing the orthonormal basis."

However, when I use the link to the ChangeCoordinates help page, the link simply loops back to the Updates, Maple 2015, Physics page.  Is there a specific help page for the ChangeCoordinates command?

The file is attached.


The command 'coeff' doesn't work.


I am trying to combine the plot in (sorry for the messed up axes, you can adjust it in the 'axes properties') with the plot in modè I've tried these two things : and, but I can't make it work. 


Can someone please help me combine these graphics ? Thank you very much for your time.

How do I make my Maple use delta instead of d for differential equations?


The Document Tools, Tabulate command says this:

Calls to the Tabulate command cannot be nested within each other unless used with the option output=XML and other DocumentTools commands to construct your own content.

Is there an example of nesting Tabulate commands using output=XML ?


I have a polynomial in c & d.  I wish to extract the coefficients of lets say 3rd order i.e c^3+c^2d+c d^2+d^3. 

The polynomials can be of 2,3,4.. variables.  

coeffs(14*c^4 + 84*c^3*d + 180*c^2*d^2 + 165*c*d^3 + 55*d^4 + 5*c^3 + 21*c^2*d + 28*c*d^2 + 12*d^3 + 2*c^2 + 5*c*d + 3*d^2 + c + d + 1, [c, d], 'l');
     14, 84, 180, 165, 55, 5, 21, 28, 12, 2, 5, 3, 1, 1, 1


                              c  d

 4   3     2  2     3   4   3     2     2   3   2        2        
c , c  d, c  d , c d , d , c , d c , c d , d , c , d c, d , c, d, 



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