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I have a polynomial in c & d.  I wish to extract the coefficients of lets say 3rd order i.e c^3+c^2d+c d^2+d^3. 

The polynomials can be of 2,3,4.. variables.  

coeffs(14*c^4 + 84*c^3*d + 180*c^2*d^2 + 165*c*d^3 + 55*d^4 + 5*c^3 + 21*c^2*d + 28*c*d^2 + 12*d^3 + 2*c^2 + 5*c*d + 3*d^2 + c + d + 1, [c, d], 'l');
     14, 84, 180, 165, 55, 5, 21, 28, 12, 2, 5, 3, 1, 1, 1


                              c  d

 4   3     2  2     3   4   3     2     2   3   2        2        
c , c  d, c  d , c d , d , c , d c , c d , d , c , d c, d , c, d, 



hello everyone, i have an idea how to implement adomain decomposition method manually but want to transform the whole method on maple for any kind of non-linear ode.

Respected administration I already posted the same question for the other method, pls do not delete my question


I'm trying to use "Matlab()" command to convert Maple expression into Matlab's expression.

but for some reason it doesn't work.

it works for simple expressions but not this one. It is just a long expression with only some symbols, and the most basic math operations. I don't see why it fails.

It says: "Error, (in Translate) options... not recognized"

I'm attaching the maple code so you can see the error.  

The reason I'm using it is because Matlab could not solve the equation in the file (even numerically). So I wrote the same equation symbolically in Maple so I can copy the symbolic solutions to matlab and use them instead of matlab's 'solve' command.

Hope anyone can help with it.

Here's the code attached:

Rootfinding,Isolate seems to work on more that univariate expressions.

See for example with a list of multivariate expressions.

Is there documentation/examples on that?

Thank you!

Hello, I don't succeed finding what is wrong. The file is a worksheet in 2D math

I always get 'error, invalid loop'. The text in bold is my simple program, the other text was added while copy-paste


som := 0

for i from 1 by 1 to 10 do
Error, invalid loop

   for i from 1 to 10 do, Typesetting:-merror("invalid loop")))

som := som + i;

Error, unable to parse

        Typesetting:-merror("unable to parse")))





Hi, I am tryig to solve ode with the perturbation method but getting an error.  can anyone correct my fil and i also want to draw the graph of the involved parameter beta and how can I compare the result obtained through the perturbation method with the numerical result?.... beta is very very small like 0.1..0.9...

In my maple sheet the whole ode is equati=al q which is q=dp/dx and also want to involve its zero and first-order terms like dp0/dx, dp1/dx in the obtained result of u.

Respected Comunity waiting for your kind response


solve({-mu*a[1]+2*c[2]*a[1]*a[2]^2-a[1]*k^2*c[1]+2*c[2]*a[1]*a[0]^2+5*c[4]*a[0]^4*a[1]+5*c[4]*a[1]*a[2]^4+3*c[3]*a[1]*a[2]^2+3*c[3]*a[0]^2*a[1]+a[1]*c[1]+30*c[4]*a[0]^2*a[1]*a[2]^2-20*c[4]*a[1]*a[2]*a[0]^3-4*c[2]*a[1]*a[0]*a[2]-8*c[2]*a[1]^3*A*B+24*c[1]*a[1]*A*B-6*c[3]*a[0]*a[1]*a[2]-20*c[4]*a[0]*a[1]*a[2]^3+48*c[2]*a[1]*a[0]^2*A*B+176*c[2]*a[1]*a[2]^2*A*B-224*c[2]*a[1]*A*B*a[0]*a[2] = 0, -16*c[2]*a[1]^3-6*mu*a[1]+156*c[2]*a[1]*a[2]^2-6*a[1]*k^2*c[1]-20*c[2]*a[1]*a[0]^2+30*c[4]*a[0]^4*a[1]-20*c[4]*a[1]^3*a[2]^2+30*c[4]*a[1]*a[2]^4-6*c[3]*a[1]*a[2]^2+18*c[3]*a[0]^2*a[1]+20*c[4]*a[0]^2*a[1]^3+c[4]*a[1]^5+2*a[1]^3*c[3]-10*a[1]*c[1]-60*c[4]*a[0]^2*a[1]*a[2]^2-24*c[2]*a[1]^3*A*B+8*c[1]*a[1]*A*B+16*c[2]*a[1]*a[0]^2*A*B+336*c[2]*a[1]*a[2]^2*A*B+352*c[2]*a[1]*A*B*a[0]*a[2] = 0, -32*c[2]*a[2]*a[0]^2*A*B-8*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[0]*A*B+64*c[2]*a[2]^2*a[0]*A*B+8*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[2]*A*B-5*c[4]*a[0]^4*a[2]+10*c[4]*a[0]^3*a[2]^2-10*c[4]*a[0]^2*a[2]^3+5*c[4]*a[0]*a[2]^4-a[0]*k^2*c[1]+a[2]*k^2*c[1]-3*c[3]*a[0]^2*a[2]+3*c[3]*a[0]*a[2]^2-32*c[2]*a[2]^3*A*B-16*c[1]*a[2]*A*B+c[4]*a[0]^5-c[4]*a[2]^5+c[3]*a[0]^3-c[3]*a[2]^3-a[0]*mu+a[2]*mu = 0, 4*c[2]*a[1]^3-4*mu*a[1]-64*c[2]*a[1]*a[2]^2-4*a[1]*k^2*c[1]-8*c[2]*a[1]*a[0]^2+20*c[4]*a[0]^4*a[1]+10*c[4]*a[1]^3*a[2]^2-20*c[4]*a[1]*a[2]^4+12*c[3]*a[0]^2*a[1]+10*c[4]*a[0]^2*a[1]^3+a[1]^3*c[3]-4*a[1]*c[1]+40*c[4]*a[1]*a[2]*a[0]^3-72*c[2]*a[1]*a[0]*a[2]-8*c[1]*a[1]*A*B+12*c[3]*a[0]*a[1]*a[2]+20*c[4]*a[0]*a[1]^3*a[2]-40*c[4]*a[0]*a[1]*a[2]^3-16*c[2]*a[1]*a[0]^2*A*B-16*c[2]*a[1]*a[2]^2*A*B-32*c[2]*a[1]*A*B*a[0]*a[2] = 0, 4*c[2]*a[1]^3-4*mu*a[1]-64*c[2]*a[1]*a[2]^2-4*a[1]*k^2*c[1]-8*c[2]*a[1]*a[0]^2+20*c[4]*a[0]^4*a[1]+10*c[4]*a[1]^3*a[2]^2-20*c[4]*a[1]*a[2]^4+12*c[3]*a[0]^2*a[1]+10*c[4]*a[0]^2*a[1]^3+a[1]^3*c[3]-4*a[1]*c[1]-40*c[4]*a[1]*a[2]*a[0]^3+72*c[2]*a[1]*a[0]*a[2]+64*c[2]*a[1]^3*A*B+40*c[1]*a[1]*A*B-12*c[3]*a[0]*a[1]*a[2]-20*c[4]*a[0]*a[1]^3*a[2]+40*c[4]*a[0]*a[1]*a[2]^3+80*c[2]*a[1]*a[0]^2*A*B-624*c[2]*a[1]*a[2]^2*A*B+160*c[2]*a[1]*A*B*a[0]*a[2] = 0, 3*c[3]*a[0]*a[2]^2+6*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[0]-32*c[2]*a[2]^2*a[0]-5*a[0]*k^2*c[1]+10*c[4]*a[0]^3*a[2]^2-6*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[2]-15*c[4]*a[0]^4*a[2]-15*c[4]*a[0]*a[2]^4+10*c[4]*a[0]^2*a[2]^3+3*a[2]*k^2*c[1]-9*c[3]*a[0]^2*a[2]+16*c[2]*a[2]*a[0]^2-5*a[0]*mu+3*a[2]*mu-30*c[4]*a[0]^2*a[1]^2*a[2]+30*c[4]*a[0]*a[1]^2*a[2]^2+288*c[2]*a[2]^3*A*B+16*c[1]*a[2]*A*B+32*c[2]*a[2]*a[0]^2*A*B+104*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[0]*A*B-320*c[2]*a[2]^2*a[0]*A*B-216*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[2]*A*B+5*c[4]*a[0]^5+5*c[4]*a[2]^5+5*c[3]*a[0]^3+c[3]*a[2]^3-3*c[3]*a[1]^2*a[2]-10*c[4]*a[1]^2*a[2]^3+3*c[3]*a[0]*a[1]^2+10*c[4]*a[0]^3*a[1]^2+16*c[2]*a[2]^3+8*c[1]*a[2] = 0, -6*c[3]*a[0]*a[2]^2-22*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[0]+64*c[2]*a[2]^2*a[0]-10*a[0]*k^2*c[1]-20*c[4]*a[0]^3*a[2]^2-66*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[2]+10*c[4]*a[0]^4*a[2]+10*c[4]*a[0]*a[2]^4-20*c[4]*a[0]^2*a[2]^3-2*a[2]*k^2*c[1]+6*c[3]*a[0]^2*a[2]-16*c[2]*a[2]*a[0]^2-10*a[0]*mu-2*a[2]*mu+30*c[4]*a[0]^2*a[1]^2*a[2]-30*c[4]*a[0]*a[1]^2*a[2]^2+96*c[2]*a[2]^3*A*B+48*c[1]*a[2]*A*B+5*c[4]*a[1]^4*a[2]+5*c[4]*a[0]*a[1]^4+96*c[2]*a[2]*a[0]^2*A*B-40*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[0]*A*B+192*c[2]*a[2]^2*a[0]*A*B-40*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[2]*A*B+10*c[4]*a[0]^5+10*c[4]*a[2]^5+10*c[3]*a[0]^3-2*c[3]*a[2]^3+3*c[3]*a[1]^2*a[2]-30*c[4]*a[1]^2*a[2]^3+9*c[3]*a[0]*a[1]^2+30*c[4]*a[0]^3*a[1]^2+80*c[2]*a[2]^3-8*c[1]*a[2] = 0, -6*c[3]*a[0]*a[2]^2-22*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[0]+64*c[2]*a[2]^2*a[0]-10*a[0]*k^2*c[1]-20*c[4]*a[0]^3*a[2]^2+66*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[2]-10*c[4]*a[0]^4*a[2]+10*c[4]*a[0]*a[2]^4+20*c[4]*a[0]^2*a[2]^3+2*a[2]*k^2*c[1]-6*c[3]*a[0]^2*a[2]+16*c[2]*a[2]*a[0]^2-10*a[0]*mu+2*a[2]*mu-30*c[4]*a[0]^2*a[1]^2*a[2]-30*c[4]*a[0]*a[1]^2*a[2]^2-352*c[2]*a[2]^3*A*B+80*c[1]*a[2]*A*B-5*c[4]*a[1]^4*a[2]+5*c[4]*a[0]*a[1]^4+160*c[2]*a[2]*a[0]^2*A*B+72*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[0]*A*B-192*c[2]*a[2]^2*a[0]*A*B+312*c[2]*a[1]^2*a[2]*A*B+10*c[4]*a[0]^5-10*c[4]*a[2]^5+10*c[3]*a[0]^3+2*c[3]*a[2]^3-3*c[3]*a[1]^2*a[2]+30*c[4]*a[1]^2*a[2]^3+9*c[3]*a[0]*a[1]^2+30*c[4]*a[0]^3*a[1]^2-80*c[2]*a[2]^3+8*c[1]*a[2] = 0, a[0]^5*c[4]+5*a[0]^4*a[2]*c[4]+10*a[0]^3*a[2]^2*c[4]+10*a[0]^2*a[2]^3*c[4]+5*a[0]*a[2]^4*c[4]+a[2]^5*c[4]-k^2*a[0]*c[1]-k^2*a[2]*c[1]+a[0]^3*c[3]+3*a[0]^2*a[2]*c[3]+3*a[0]*a[2]^2*c[3]+a[2]^3*c[3]-mu*a[0]-mu*a[2] = 0, 5*a[0]^4*a[1]*c[4]+20*a[0]^3*a[1]*a[2]*c[4]+30*a[0]^2*a[1]*a[2]^2*c[4]+20*a[0]*a[1]*a[2]^3*c[4]+5*a[1]*a[2]^4*c[4]-k^2*a[1]*c[1]+2*a[0]^2*a[1]*c[2]+3*a[0]^2*a[1]*c[3]+4*a[0]*a[1]*a[2]*c[2]+6*a[0]*a[1]*a[2]*c[3]+2*a[1]*a[2]^2*c[2]+3*a[1]*a[2]^2*c[3]-mu*a[1]+a[1]*c[1] = 0, 5*a[0]^5*c[4]+15*a[0]^4*a[2]*c[4]+10*a[0]^3*a[1]^2*c[4]+10*a[0]^3*a[2]^2*c[4]+30*a[0]^2*a[1]^2*a[2]*c[4]-10*a[0]^2*a[2]^3*c[4]+30*a[0]*a[1]^2*a[2]^2*c[4]-15*a[0]*a[2]^4*c[4]+10*a[1]^2*a[2]^3*c[4]-5*a[2]^5*c[4]-5*k^2*a[0]*c[1]-3*k^2*a[2]*c[1]+5*a[0]^3*c[3]-16*a[0]^2*a[2]*c[2]+9*a[0]^2*a[2]*c[3]+6*a[0]*a[1]^2*c[2]+3*a[0]*a[1]^2*c[3]-32*a[0]*a[2]^2*c[2]+3*a[0]*a[2]^2*c[3]+6*a[1]^2*a[2]*c[2]+3*a[1]^2*a[2]*c[3]-16*a[2]^3*c[2]-a[2]^3*c[3]-5*mu*a[0]-3*mu*a[2]-8*a[2]*c[1] = 0}, {B, mu, a[0], a[1], a[2]})

A user asks what they're doing wrong in r/maplesoft with the attached screenshot:


How are constructed binary operators in Maple?
Is it possible to create a binary operator A that we can use this way z := x A y ?


hello I would like to ask how to implement phase singularities using wavelets in maple.

Hi respected members, `looking for the numerical solution of nonlinear ode after converting into the first-order ode by using shooting method with  Rk45 method for different value of beta `( less than 1)  and for a fixed value of p=2.

Good day all.

If I generate a list containing (say) 100 elements or more, and each element is an ordered pair - is it possible to assign a letter to each element? The first 26 elements will have equal A to Z, the next 26 will take A1 to Z1, and so on.

For example if the list is [ [5,3], [2,5], ..., [3,1]], how do I construct it to become [A=[5,3], B=[2,5], ..., V3=[3,1]]?

Please see attached.

Thank's a lot for your time.

Hi all,

I'm new to the Maple software, and have been having difficulty figuring out how to plot a 3-D figure for given xyz values. Could anyone provide any guidance on this? I've attached the relevant document to provide the specific values in case that would be helpful.





What am I doing wrong? Seems like some unit compatibility problem when tryaing to solve simple task with momentum conservation rule...

Automatically loading the Units[Simple] subpackage

m__2 := 0.400*Unit('kg');
m__1 := 0.300*Unit('kg');
x__w := 0.700*Unit('m');

v__2p := 0.000;

v__1p := 2*Unit(('m')/('s'));


m__1*v__1p + m__2*v__2p = m__1*v__1k + m__2*v__2k;
             0.6 = (0.3 v__1k + 0.4 v__2k) Unit|-|

subs(v__2p = 0, 0.600 = (0.300*v__1k + 0.400*v__2k)*Units[Unit](s/m));
             0.6 = (0.3 v__1k + 0.4 v__2k) Unit|-|

v__1k := solve(0.600 = (0.300*v__1k + 0.400*v__2k)*Units[Unit](s/m), v__1k);
           v__1k := (-1.333333333 v__2k + 2.) Unit|-|


1/2*m__1*v__1p^2 + 1/2*m__2*v__2p^2 = 1/2*m__1*v__1k^2 + 1/2*m__1*v__2k^2;

Error, (in Units:-Simple:-+) the following expressions imply incompatible dimensions: {.1500000000*(-1.333333333*v__2k+2.)^2*Units:-Unit(J)+.1500000000*Units:-Unit(kg)*v__2k^2}

Sitting and trying find solution in help and on forum but no chance.

I hope if someone copy code into maple it will look lik on my screen. Anyway I have uploaded file and below You have screen picture.

If I remove units from variables on the top all is working like a charm.

Please help me find an error guys.




I'm a student in calculus II.

What is name of the integration technique that Maple is using in the first step? This is a problem without a walkthrough in my textbook and while I got the same answer using integration by parts my solution looks different until the end because I didn't change the variables.





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