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I was using the following idea to get the computation time of my computations in Maple;

my computation

But it seems if I use

Grid:-Map(m->My computation(m),[some sequence]);

Where the sequence has more than one element, this idea doesn't work! It seems Maple time() remains fixed during this Grid:-Map when the sequence has more than one element. So then how should I check the computation time?

In the following pictures you can see when the sequence has one element, it works normal, but when it has two elements, it doesn't work the same.

What is the best way to solve the coupled differential equation sets (like below) in Maple?



Attached are two similar files: one written in Maple 7 code, and a similar text file.

    My original intention was to have the two dimensional letter M do an animated "knees up" in just one color.  However the program works - but not as I intended.  The individual four sections danced around - and I thought it was rather novel - but decided to make each one a different color - red, blue, white and turquoise.  I was surprised to find the polygons were all the same turquise color - that of the fourth polygon.   Is there an easy fix, or must I write four separate procs for the four polygons?

Thanks in advance for any advice.  David 

I am attempting to reproduce the results claimed by for a band pass filter.

I have checked the circuit specification and found no errors.

Am I expecting too much or am I doing something wrong?

## Filter Requirements for Band-Pass, 4th order Butterworth
## Specifications: Optimize for Power, +Vs= 5, -Vs= -5
## Gain: 10 dB
## Passband: -3dB at 2kHz
## Stopband: -40dB at 40kHz
## Component Tolerances: Capacitor = 5%; Resistor = 1%; Inductor = 5%; Op Amp GBW = 20%

with(Syrup); Version;

ckt := "*60 kHz Band Pass Filter  \n\
vin 1   0 \n\
R1A 1   2 165k \n\
R1B 5   7 169k \n\
R2A 2   0 976 \n\
R2B 7   0 1k \n\
R3A 6   0 221 \n\
R3B 11  0 226 \n\
R4A 5   6 12.7k \n\
R4B 10 11 12.7k \n\
R5A 4   3 97.6k \n\
R5B 9   8 100k \n\
R98 3   0 1e9 \n\
R99 8   0 1e9 \n\
C1A 2   4 270pF \n\
C1B 7   9 270pF \n\
C2A 2   3 270pF \n\
C2B 7   8 270pF \n\
* \n\
X1A 6  3 5  NonIdealOpAmp \n\
X1B 11 8 10 NonIdealOpAmp \n\
.include Library:-NonIdealOpAmp \n\

volts, others := Solve(ckt, 'ac', 'returnall');
gain := eval(v[10]/vin, volts);
H := subs({A=80000, f0=15*10^6, Ro=100}, gain);
tf := evalf(H);
sys := TransferFunction(tf);


please see maple attachment below.

btw, what i'm really trying to do is represent spin 1/2 states, along with the usual spin operators, and be able to take tensor products of the spin states. any hints on how to do that would be greatly appreciated. 

btw, the physics package is amazing! 








I have a problem with "Infinitesimals" for the system of equations. 

"Infinitesimals" Counts the system for (x, t) but shows an empty string for (x, y, z, t).


When I add to the equation (img 2) u [y, y], u [z, z] or simply y ^ 2, z ^ 2, Maple shows an empty string in Infinitesimal.


Thank you in advance.

Hi everybody, 

Here is a piece of a more important worksheet where I need to push the number of Digits farther (Digits:=30:) than the default value.
Nevertheless I don't want to be annoyed by excessively lengthy outputs and I use interface(displayprecision=6).

It seems that the result of an operation which contains only floats is a 6 digits precision number but, as soon as the same operation contains an integer, the displayed precision equals the value of Digits  ???
To be honnest, simpler situations do not exhibit the behaviour shown in the attached file.

Can anyone explain me why I get tho wifferent displays for the quantity names xi__d ? 

As always, great thanks in advance


PS : I use Maple 2015.2 on Mac OSX El Capitan


Please house, I need help on how to compute a funtion a set of column data imported into maple and subsequently output results in a new column on the table.

I have successfully imported the table data from excel but I needed to write a code to recognize the column/columns I want to use as variables in the function and compute results using the column's data. Data table holds up to 14 x 25 datasets.

Any advice would be well appreciated.

this is a terrible maple crash just for a simple option !!!

only when i want to print the "x^2+y^2" in the caption of plot it raise exception !
but for some formulae there is no problem !
some technical guide or advise is needed ?
may someone check maple 2018 for this issue too ?

Hello everybody,

I am quiet new to Maple and just have to program a small tool.

I need to show a conculison in a pop-up Window which should contain a matrix and a plot.

I tried different ways but they didn't work.

Thanks in advance


it seems that Maple2017 handles the noncommutative product wrongly (while it used to do it properly up to maple 17 afaik). 



Q^2*P*Q + Q*P*Q^2;


gives a correct result: BUT 

Q(t)^2*P(t)*Q(t) + Q(t)*P(t)*Q(t)^2;


gives the result:

2Q(t)^3*P(t)  (which is wrong).

It used to work fine in Maple 17. I need to differentiate noncommutative polynomials in P(t), Q(t), which was done without problem in Maple 17 but now seems to be broken. 


Any explanation/workaround/fix? Is it fixed in Maple 2018?

One of the frustrating things I am finding in using Maple debugger is that I can't set breakpoint using stopat() at some line number in some inner module, if the inner module is local module. It has to be an exported module.

Here is an example

   export main_entry;
   local foo1; #inner module. But if local, Can't set breakpoint from outside

     export main_entry;
     local foo2;

     foo2:=proc() #or breakpoint in first line here
        local s,x;
        s:=1;     #suppose I want to set break point here
     end proc;
     end proc;    
  end module;

  main_entry :=proc()
    foo1:-main_entry(); #call inner module's proc
  end proc;

end module;

Since there is inner module, local to outside module, I can't set break into the inner module procs anywhere.

Error, module does not export `foo1`

A workaround for now is to change "local" to "export" on the inner modules declarations I want to debug, so I can setbreak points inside them, then when done, make them local again. So changed "local foo1" to "export foo1" above, and now



This was also a little strange to me, since foo2() is a LOCAL proc to module foo1, yet Maple did not complain like it did when module foo1 was a LOCAL module to foo. I would have expected Maple to complain again for same reason.

So I am using the above workaround for now. But it is just a little annoying becuase I have to keep changing module from LOCAL to EXPORT in order to set breakpoints, then remember to make them local again.

Is there a better workaround?

A product suggestion: make stopat() ignore the local module setting and treat it as export for the purpose of setting a break point. This way one does not have to change the code just to set a breakpoint. Or if not to change current behavior, add a new option, as in

          stopat(........, option= ignore_local_setting)

So the default remain the same as now, but with the new option, it will set breakpoint anywhere, even in local modules.


Thank you



How can I calculate the roots of the following  trigonometric function?


F[lambda[i]] := (sin(lambda[i])-tan(y*lambda[i])*cos(lambda[i]))*((1-1/B)*lambda[i]^2-k)+(lambda[i]^3/B+lambda[i])*(cos(lambda[i])-tan(`yλ`[i])*sin(lambda[i]))


Where : i=1..n , B=1..30, y = 0.9 and k=0.003



An error message during opening a Maple file is seen:

I put the file link in below. The Maple file has been saved as Maple 2016.

I will be grateful if you can recover the file. Thanks

I would like to plot a graph whose legend has a Greek character with a numeric subscript. Below, there is a small example, where I show what I am trying to do:


# Simplified example, which is not working:

omega0:= 10:
plot(omega^2/omega0, omega = 1..1.5,
legend = [sprintf("%s = %.1f",`ω`[0],omega0)]);

# The character I want to be plotted inside the legend:


I suppose the problem is that " `ω[0]` is not considered a string and, therefore, I can not call it in the legend with a "%s". I do not know how to make it work, though. Does anyone know how to do so?

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