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i want to export Export plots to jpg, 

im using the following command (example of the idea) : 

>for i from 1 to 5 do 

Export("Fig.jpg", plot(sin), base = homedir):

how do i make the export aumaticly change the name of the distany file - like Fig[i] or somthing so it wont run it over each iteration. 
writing Fig[i] in the command does not work. 

thank you in advance 

i have a Table in my worksheet; 

it countains 3 coulmns, and each coulmns cointains a loop that requires about a day to evaluate. 

is there a way to excute the 3 coulmns in parallel, there is no interaction between them and i cant seprete them into different worksheets.

thanks in advance.

Anyone experience a delay in typing as the screen fills with text/math etc.?

I'm using Maple 2021 and as the space is filled typing slows. I can finish typing and watch the last 4 keys enter on the screen.

Since approximately a week ago, probably after some Ubuntu update, the xmaple 2021.2 interface started to crash after some simple commands, without any error message or log. I tried to run with java (open-jdk) 11 and 8, and I had the same problem. I still have an old 2017.3 version, and it works perfectly. The problem only affects the new Maple release. 

Is there some bug report? What can I do?

Hi !

Looks like there is a bug in the inert "Diff" command.

I have Maple 2018 on Windows 10 ,64 bits.

Does Maple consider Diff(f(x),x) to be equal to Diff(f(x),[x]) ?

It should be the same.

Maple displays  that it is equal but keeps in memory something else.

In the attached file, I give a very simple example.

I don't like to say this but my old version of Maple V Release V (1997) is more consistent i.e.

this version shows it's different and  keeps in memory that difference.


I wonder if newer versions have this problem ?

Best regards !

When using the built-in fsolve function to find the roots of a polynomial, how does exponentiation occur? For example, x3 is found​​​​​​first, and then to find x4, will he start again from the beginning, that is, x*x*x*x, or will he take the value of x3​​​​​​ and multiply by x? The teacher is interested in finding out this, but I don't know how to find out myself. 

Hello guys,

I try at the moment to solve this terms:

The function is: f(x,y)=2x2-3xy-(y+2)3+5

1. diff(2*x^2 - 3*xy - (y + 2)^3 + 5, x) = 4x output but this is wrong. The correct output is 4x -3y

2.diff(2*x^2 - 3*xy - (y + 2)^3 + 5, y) = -3*(y + 2)^2 that also wrong. The correct output is -3(x+(y+2)2 )

THX a lot

I have been performing symbolic solutions on netlists using Syrup, and then performing worst-case analysis on the result using the ranges of all the variables.

I would like to add ifelse and/or piecewise linear expressions to my Syrup models. Using symbolic analysis, I can get multiple sets of results from Syrup based on the conditional statements. I'm thinking that if I could put Syrup solve inside my worst case analysis procedure and submit numeric values to Syrup, that the conditional expressions could be solved for.

I think there is something similar that can be done with Dynamic Systems.

Does this request make sense? Is it possible?

The expression

f := arctan(y, x)+arctan(-y, x)

arctan(y, x)+arctan(-y, x)


simplifies to zero in the real range if y=0 is excluded.

x < 0, y::real, y <> 0; `assuming`([simplify(f), is(f = 0)], [%])

0, true


x >= 0, y::real, y <> 0; `assuming`([simplify(f), is(f = 0)], [%])

0, true


Combining the above assumptions as attempted bellow does not simplify to zero

x::real, y::real, y <> 0; `assuming`([simplify(f), is(f = 0)], [%])

arctan(y, x)+arctan(-y, x), FAIL


`or`(x < 0, x >= 0), y::real, y <> 0; `assuming`([simplify(f), is(f = 0)], [%])

arctan(y, x)+arctan(-y, x), FAIL


Or(x < 0, x >= 0), y::real, y <> 0; `assuming`([simplify(f), is(f = 0)], [%])

arctan(y, x)+arctan(-y, x), FAIL


`and`(-infinity <= x, x <= infinity), y::real, y <> 0; `assuming`([simplify(f), is(f = 0)], [%])

arctan(y, x)+arctan(-y, x), FAIL



`Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2022.0, Windows 10, March 8 2022 Build ID 1599809`





I'm a newbie to maple, I want to get a group that meeting the criteria with this code:

G := SymmetricGroup(6);


H := Subgroup({RandomElement(G),RandomElement(G)}, G);

C := Core(H, G);

until is(GroupOrder(C) <> 1) and is(GroupOrder(C) <> GroupOrder(H));

But it's seem I cannot construct subgroup. so I adjust it into:

G := SymmetricGroup(6);


H := Subgroup({[[rand(1 .. 6)]], [[rand(1 .. 6), rand(1 .. 6)], [rand(1 .. 6), rand(1 .. 6)]]}, G);

C := Core(H, G);

until is(GroupOrder(C) <> 1) and is(GroupOrder(C) <> GroupOrder(H));

However, it is clear that random numbers do not always satisfy the rules of permutation. So how can I use the loop to generate a random subgroup that satisfies the condition?


I am wondering how maple did this calculation:

How can I ask maple to show its work in this calculation?

how we can solve it
restart; int(log(sqrt(2*t))*e^(-t), t = 0 .. infinity);

How to adapt this program C to Maple ? Thank you.

Sub Les_Vendredi_13()
Dim Annee As Integer
Dim Mois As Byte
Dim Cellule As String
Dim Compteur As Byte
Cellule = "B2"
Compteur = 1
.ClearContents For Annee = 1949 To 2009
For Mois = 1 To 12 If Weekday(Mois & "/13/" & Annee) = 6
Then Range(Cellule).Offset(Compteur, 0) = "13-" & Format(Mois, "00") & "-" & Annee Compteur = Compteur + 1 End
If Next Mois Next Annee Range(Cellule).Offset(Compteur, 0) = "Nbre = " & Compteur - 1
End Sub

Can anyone tell me what this means? (workfile


I expected Maple Flow 2022 to return return 2 pi Radians as the answer to the below ... but instead it returned 360 arcdeg.

360 arcdeg * (pi rad/180 arcdeg) =

Question: Why don't the "arcdeg" units cancel out and Maple Flow 2022 return the answer 2 pi rad ?
I expected Maple Flow to handle the units by cancelling out the "arcdeg" units and return 2 pi rad as the answer.

(Note: in this post I placed a space between the numbers and the units for clarity ...
understanding that in Flow you actually enter the number, then press Ctl+Space+U then enter the unit.)

Thanks for any help.

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