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 Write the Maple program that finds the differential equation that accepts the solution. (c1, c2, c3 are arbitrary constants.)


 > save mytable, "foo.m";
in whitch folder may I find the file "foo.m" ?

I try with the function "search" of Windows 10, but it can't find it.

Thanks for a answer.


Hello all, 

Is there any way to avoid the 'Error, recursive assignment' in the expressions below?

The 's' at the LHS of ':=' is different from the 's' in 'omega[s]' or 'omega['s']'.

s NULL:= omega[sl]/omega[s];

Error, recursive assignment


s ``:= omega[sl]/omega['s'];

Error, recursive assignment







I try to figure out how to add »kr« as a currency symbol, and as currency in the Numeric Formatting list.

Can it be done?

Kind regards

I hvae Maple 2020 installed on Linux Ubuntu, and there is a foler maple2020. Could anyone help me with, where is the user initialization file,  .mapleinit, in Maple Linux, or how to creat an  .mapleinit file?

Many Thanks.

This works


[A = 3, B = g(x)]

But this fails

patmatch(3*g(x),conditional(A::nonunit(algebraic)*B::function, true ),'la');

Error, (in PatternMatching:-AlgStruct:-Match) improper op or subscript selector

I am not able to see why. In the above I used true for the condition, just to keep things simple. Any boolean valued expression will work.  

changing the above to

patmatch(3*g(x),conditional(A::anything*B::function, true ),'la');

it works. No error. [A = 3, B = g(x)]

What did I do wrong in the above syntax which generated the error?

Maple 2020.1


Please, l need assistance on maplesoft activation code 



How can I determine an expression is of the form a*b where a is anything but a function of t, and b a function of t?
I thought I could do this using patmatch but I can't make it work correctly.

For instance I would like patmatch (or something else) to return [a=C, f=F] when called this way patmatch(C*F(t), ?)

Thanks in advance

I'm trying to arrange the constant terms of W(x). Like sinh (alpha*x) *(C2-C1).....and by defining C2-C1= D2 I want to rearrange the equation. Without this step, I'm not able to solve the equation further. I have also tried a few steps but it's not working.

When I type "with(combinat)" in Maple Linux, I got the following erros message:

"Error, invalid input: with expects its 1st argument, pname, to be of type {`module`, package}, but received combinat"

So how to make it work? 


Many thanks.

Could anyone show me the exact command lines or exact steps to install the FGb package, specifically FGb-1.68.x86_64_linux.tar.gz here, to Maple 2020 in Linux Ubuntu? Many thanks.

FYI, here is one of the error messages I got: 

"mv <14539>/*.so <~/maple2020>
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `14539'"

1.1 * 10^2

but export text become two lines


1.1 *   10

pretty printing = 3 

but still two lines


how to export in one line such as 10^2 ?


I want to insert each row at a time into a excel sheet from a maple code .  But i dont want a new excel file created for each insert.

First my list L has say [(a,1),(a,2),(a,3),.....,(a,100)] 100 elements this is first i insert it into my excel first row
next  [(b,1),(b,2),(a,3),.....,(b,100)] 100 elements i should insert into excel second row and so on

but dont want to store them here on a rtable, vector,array "all together" then export

I justt store 1 row at a time insert it and do on the same excel file file dynamically. without creating multiple copies of the same file

can anyone help with a code using exceltools package or any


Suppose i have a set say



if i want to convert A to set such that {"{"1"."8"}","{"1","4"}","{"1","10"}"}  where each element is a string with minium time I have given a small set here i may have set with 48 to 100 such element that is s set of sets i want to convert the inside sets to strings without much of looping in minimum time can any one help


``assume(0 < k, k < 1)

int(x^2/sqrt((-x^2+1)(-k^2*x^2+1)), x = 0 .. k)

int(x^2/(-x(-k^2*x^2+1)^2+1)^(1/2), x = 0 .. k)








Hi everyone, 

I am trying to use elliptic integral from Maple, however, it did not generate any result. Can you help me with that?

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