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Dear sir,

in the program boundary conditions D(f)(0)=0 doesn't showing result but when use d(f)(0)=1 it will execute, why is this can you explain this ?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to solve the problem described below and it has been runing for days without solving it.

What can I do?
Thanks for your help.


eq1 := (1/1152)*(81*a1*P^4*b^4*C1^3+162*a1*P^4*b^4*C1*C2^2+648*a1*P^4*b^4*C1*C3^2+432*a1*P^4*b^4*C1*C4^2+864*a1*P^4*b^4*C2*C3*C4+18*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C1^3+90*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C1*C2^2+90*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C1*C3^2+288*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C1*C4^2+81*a3*P^4*a^4*C1^3+648*a3*P^4*a^4*C1*C2^2+162*a3*P^4*a^4*C1*C3^2+432*a3*P^4*a^4*C1*C4^2+864*a3*P^4*a^4*C2*C3*C4+288*d1*P^4*b^4*C1+576*d2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C1+288*d3*P^4*a^4*C1+1152*d4*P^4*a^2*b^2*C1+4096*Tc*a^3*b^3*C4)/(b^3*a^3) = 0;

eq2 := (1/1152)*(162*a1*P^4*b^4*C1^2*C2+864*a1*P^4*b^4*C1*C3*C4+81*a1*P^4*b^4*C2^3+432*a1*P^4*b^4*C2*C3^2+648*a1*P^4*b^4*C2*C4^2+90*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C1^2*C2+72*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C2^3+612*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C2*C3^2+360*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C2*C4^2+648*a3*P^4*a^4*C1^2*C2+864*a3*P^4*a^4*C1*C3*C4+1296*a3*P^4*a^4*C2^3+432*a3*P^4*a^4*C2*C3^2+2592*a3*P^4*a^4*C2*C4^2+288*d1*P^4*b^4*C2+2304*d2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C2+4608*d3*P^4*a^4*C2+4608*d4*P^4*a^2*b^2*C2-4096*Tc*a^3*b^3*C3)/(b^3*a^3) = 0;

eq3 := (1/1152)*(648*a1*P^4*b^4*C1^2*C3+864*a1*P^4*b^4*C1*C2*C4+432*a1*P^4*b^4*C2^2*C3+1296*a1*P^4*b^4*C3^3+2592*a1*P^4*b^4*C3*C4^2+90*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C1^2*C3+612*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C2^2*C3+72*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C3^3+360*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C3*C4^2+162*a3*P^4*a^4*C1^2*C3+864*a3*P^4*a^4*C1*C2*C4+432*a3*P^4*a^4*C2^2*C3+81*a3*P^4*a^4*C3^3+648*a3*P^4*a^4*C3*C4^2+4608*d1*P^4*b^4*C3+2304*d2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C3+288*d3*P^4*a^4*C3+4608*d4*P^4*a^2*b^2*C3-4096*Tc*a^3*b^3*C2)/(b^3*a^3) = 0;

eq4 := (1/144)*(54*a1*P^4*b^4*C1^2*C4+108*a1*P^4*b^4*C1*C2*C3+81*a1*P^4*b^4*C2^2*C4+324*a1*P^4*b^4*C3^2*C4+162*a1*P^4*b^4*C4^3+36*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C1^2*C4+45*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C2^2*C4+45*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C3^2*C4+36*a2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C4^3+54*a3*P^4*a^4*C1^2*C4+108*a3*P^4*a^4*C1*C2*C3+324*a3*P^4*a^4*C2^2*C4+81*a3*P^4*a^4*C3^2*C4+162*a3*P^4*a^4*C4^3+576*d1*P^4*b^4*C4+1152*d2*P^4*a^2*b^2*C4+576*d3*P^4*a^4*C4+2304*d4*P^4*a^2*b^2*C4+512*Tc*a^3*b^3*C1)/(b^3*a^3) = 0;

solve({eq1, eq2, eq3, eq4}, {C1, C2, C3, C4});


hey is there a easy way to make maple solve an equation with similar different variables,

for eksample 

defining the different variables

x_0:=1       x_1:=4           x_2:=10

setting up and equation

solve x * 5

recieving answers for all defined x variables

= [5,20,50]



 The font plot option has no color parameter. 

Suppose I have an expression like

Is it possible to reverse the divergence expression using homotopy operator to obtain Psi and Phi?

The above divergence expression is possible since Euler operator of the left side is zero.

Pls do we have any Maple code for Adomian Decomposition Method?

So, I'm trying to delelop an algorithm for the method of multiple scales. Starting with a simple ODE:

diff(x(t), `$`(t, 2))+x(t) = 0

After scaling, it should be written in the form:

(d/dT[0]+epsilon*d/dT[1]+epsilon^2*d/dT[2])^2*(epsilon^3*X[3]+epsilon^2*X[2]+epsilon*X[1])+epsilon*X[1]+epsilon^2*X[2]+epsilon^3*X[3] = 0

A proto-algorithm would be:

ode := diff(x(t), `$`(t, 2))+x(t) = 0;
i_ini := 1; i_fin := 3; j_ini := 0; j_fin := 2;
PDEtools:-dchange({t = sum(epsilon^j*T[j], j = j_ini .. j_fin), x(t) = sum(epsilon^i*X[i](T[1]), i = i_ini .. i_fin)}, ode, [{T[0], T[1], T[2]}, {X[1], X[2], X[3]}])

It is not working, though. Could anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance.

Dear all, 

I have a procedure in Maple. Input is a list. The procedure should add to a list the list [6,5,4,3,2,1] and find if there are repetitions in this new list. After, if there are repetitions, it should return [NO, initial list] and if there are no repetitions, it should find how many elements of the first 5 are larger than the 6th element and return this number together with the sorted list - [6,5,4,3,2,1] in reverse order. (It sounds a bit strange but it's actually computing some sheaf cohomologies).

The problem is, when there are repetitions, the procedure returns an array, and if there are no repetitions, it returns exprseq. I would like both to be an array. Where's the mistake?

For example, coh([4, 0, 0, 0, 0, 4]) is an array and coh([0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 12]) is exprseq.

Here's the text of the program:


coh := proc (L::list)

Hm := Array([0, 0]);

b := 0;

M := L+[6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1];

a := evalb(ListTools:-FindRepetitions(M) = []);

if a = false then Hm := Array(['NO', L]) else

for i to 5 do if M[i] < M[6] then b := b+1

end if; 

end do;

K := sort(M);

KK := K+[-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6];

for j to n do

M[j] := KK[n-j+1]

end do;

Hm[1] := b;

Hm[2] := M;


end if

end proc

Dear all,

I use the following statment (without numerical values)

if        IT<20     then        IT:=IT+1            

 if    ZUM<(0.1)^(8);    IT=20;         else;    

for i from 1 to 10   do                               YU[i]:=U[i];                  od;    

for i from 2 to 9 do                           DU1:=YU[i+1]- YU[i-1];        od:      

end if;    


end if;  

the following error occur

where is the problem.

Hi all, I'm using text box and push button to create my user interface for my system. I  wish to use a if..then function to check some condition, if the condition is true then do statement and print out in the text box. When is key coding in the push button and click the push button, then if ...then function not working and the result that not suitable for the condition also have been printed out in text box.So,can someone help my to solve the problem?

Here in the coding i did

use DocumentTools in 

Do (C = %txtC);
Do (p = %txtpk1);
Do (q = %txtpk2);
Do (d = %txtpk3);
Do (A1 = %txtA1);
Do (A2 = %txtA2);
Do (w = `mod`((C*d), A2));
Do (mp = `mod`(w^((p+1)*(1/4)), p));
Do (mq = `mod`(w^((q+1)*(1/4)), q));
Do (hl = `mod`((mp-mq)/p, q));
Do (h2 = `mod`((-mp-mq)/p, q));
Do (m1 = mp+(hl*p));
Do (m2 = mp+(h2*p));
Do (m3 = (p*q)-m1);
Do (m4 = (p*q)-m2);
if m1 <= 2^(2*k-1) then t1 := (C+(-A1*(m1^2)))/A2 end if;
Do (t1);
if m2 <= 2^(2*k-1) then t2 := (C+(-A1*(m2^2)))/A2 end if;
Do (t2);
if m3 <= 2^(2*k-1) then t3 := (C+(-A1*(m3^2)))/A2 end if;
Do (t3);
if m4 <= 2^(2*k-1) then t4 := (C+(-A1*(m4^2)))/A2 end if;
Do (t4);

Do (%txtw = w);
Do (%txtm1 = m1);
Do (%txtm2 = m2);
Do (%txtm3 = m3);
Do (%txtm4 = m4);
Do (%txtt1 = t1);
Do (%txtt2 = t2);
Do (%txtt3 = t3);
Do (%txtt4 = t4);
end use; 

Thabk you.

Hi, I'm trying to show some matrix multiplication and show the pre-evaulated expression as well as the result. 

m1 := Matrix([[1, 2], [3, 4]]);
m2 := Matrix([[5, 6], [7, 8]]);
print(m1, m2 = Multiply(m1, m2))

What I'd really like is for the comma in the printed expression (on the left hand side) to be replaced by a multiplication or dot sign.  Hopefully thanks in advance.

I want to know, is there any connection between math and music? Please help me. Both are my favorite subjects. 

hello everyone. i wanna ask. how to do a coding of stability region on diagonally implicit Runge-Kutta for order 3 and order 4? Thank you in advanced :) 

i want to solve this equation,

y''(x)=5*exp(-10/y'(x)) on ]0,15[ with y(0)=0,y(15)=2 

can any one help me ? thank you

Hi, I'm trying to solve this ode:
restart; with(plots); with(DEtools);

l := t -> 0.5*tanh(0.5*t);

deq := diff(f(t), t)*l(t)*(diff(f(t), t, t)*l(t)+9.8*sin(f(t)))+diff(l(t), t)*(diff(f(t), t)^2*l(t)-9.8*cos(f(t))+4*(l(t)-0.5)) = 0;

sol := dsolve({deq, f(0) = 0, D(f)(0) = 0.1}, f(t), numeric);


but getting an error:

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/checksing) ode system has a removable singularity at t=0. Initial data is restricted to {f(t) = 1.77632183122019}

How can I possibly fix this?

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