MaplePrimes Questions

For example my friend emailed me.
His email address is, the email content is HELLO.
How does Maple print HELLO to the screen so I can see it?
Thanks for your help!


eq1 := (2*(r^2+a^2*cos(theta)^2))*(M*r-(1/2)*a^2-(1/2)*r^2)*(diff(f(r, theta), r, theta))+(2*(a^2*(M-r)*cos(theta)^2-M*r^2+a^2*r))*(diff(f(r, theta), theta))

2*(r^2+a^2*cos(theta)^2)*(M*r-(1/2)*a^2-(1/2)*r^2)*(diff(diff(f(r, theta), r), theta))+2*(a^2*(M-r)*cos(theta)^2-M*r^2+a^2*r)*(diff(f(r, theta), theta))


eq2 := sin(theta)*(r^2+a^2*cos(theta)^2)*(diff(f(r, theta), theta, theta))-cos(theta)*(diff(f(r, theta), theta))*(a^2*cos(theta)^2-2*a^2-r^2)

sin(theta)*(r^2+a^2*cos(theta)^2)*(diff(diff(f(r, theta), theta), theta))-cos(theta)*(diff(f(r, theta), theta))*(a^2*cos(theta)^2-2*a^2-r^2)


eq3 := -2*(r^2+a^2*cos(theta)^2)^2*(M*r-(1/2)*a^2-(1/2)*r^2)*sin(theta)*(diff(g(r, theta), r, r))+sin(theta)*(r^2+a^2*cos(theta)^2)^2*(diff(g(r, theta), theta, theta))+(4*(-(1/4)*cos(theta)^4*a^4+a^2*r*(M-(1/2)*r)*cos(theta)^2-M*a^2*r-(1/4)*r^4))*cos(theta)*(diff(g(r, theta), theta))-2*M*sin(theta)*(diff(g(r, theta), r))*(a^2+r^2)*(cos(theta)*a-r)*(cos(theta)*a+r)

-2*(r^2+a^2*cos(theta)^2)^2*(M*r-(1/2)*a^2-(1/2)*r^2)*sin(theta)*(diff(diff(g(r, theta), r), r))+sin(theta)*(r^2+a^2*cos(theta)^2)^2*(diff(diff(g(r, theta), theta), theta))+4*(-(1/4)*cos(theta)^4*a^4+a^2*r*(M-(1/2)*r)*cos(theta)^2-M*a^2*r-(1/4)*r^4)*cos(theta)*(diff(g(r, theta), theta))-2*M*sin(theta)*(diff(g(r, theta), r))*(a^2+r^2)*(cos(theta)*a-r)*(cos(theta)*a+r)


pdsolve([eq1, eq2, eq3])

[{f(r, theta) = _F1(r)+(Int((r^2+a^2*cos(theta)^2)/((cos(theta)+1)^(1/2)*(cos(theta)-1)^(1/2)), theta))*_C1/(2*M*r-a^2-r^2)}, [diff(diff(g(r, theta), r), r) = (sin(theta)*(sin(theta)^2*a^2-a^2-r^2)^2*(diff(diff(g(r, theta), theta), theta))-4*cos(theta)*((1/4)*a^4*sin(theta)^4+(-(1/2)*a^2+r*(M-(1/2)*r))*a^2*sin(theta)^2+(1/4)*(a^2+r^2)^2)*(diff(g(r, theta), theta))+2*M*sin(theta)*(diff(g(r, theta), r))*(a^2+r^2)*(sin(theta)^2*a^2-a^2+r^2))/(sin(theta)*(sin(theta)^2*a^2-a^2-r^2)^2*(2*M*r-a^2-r^2))]]






A := Omega; assume(Omega > 0); B = Omega

B = Omega





In a physics problem, I came across the following triple integral:

exp := -sin(alpha)*i*r*(-sin(alpha)*cos(phi)*cos(theta)+sin(theta)*cos(alpha))/(4*sqrt(-2*sin(theta)*sin(alpha)*cos(phi)*p*r-2*cos(alpha)*cos(theta)*p*r+p^2+r^2)*Pi(-2*sin(theta)*sin(alpha)*cos(phi)*p*r-2*cos(alpha)*cos(theta)*p*r+p^2+r^2)*(-2+sqrt(2))*Pi)

`assuming`([int(int(int(exp*p^2*sin(alpha), p = 0 .. 1), alpha = 0 .. (1/4)*Pi), phi = 0 .. 2*Pi)], [alpha > 0, alpha < (1/4)*Pi, r > 0, r < 1, phi > 0, phi < 2*Pi, theta > 0, theta < (1/4)*Pi])


I tried to perform each integration separately, but got no result. Is there any transformation or procedure, that I am not aware of, to accomplish this task?



   A question on programming Procedures (proc).

   What is the best, or most common method, to invoke packages within proc or at the worksheet level?

   I have always been confused about Proc scope for packages.   I use Scientific Constants a lot.   It and several other "with(package)" are part my main loaded pakages right after restart command.   LinearAlgebra is another common used package.

   It has been a question for me of whether to implement a "with()" statement inside of the proc to bound the scope or ensure it is seen/available by the procedure for the available commands inside the packages.  

  All thoughts appreciated.


After substitution of (10) into (4), how to collect the terms of like powers of eta (i.e., eta^-3, eta^-2,eta^-1, eta^0, eta^1,eta^2 ), and equate the coefficients to
zero, get a system of algebraic equations for A[m]? 

g := proc() use a=a+b in use b= a-b in a*b end use end use end proc:

Maple shows g := proc() (a+b)*(a+b) end proc. 

My guess is (a+b)*a. What is wrong with me?