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I am a new Maple-user and i am experiencing a problem. When I type: restart;a:=sin(Pi/8);evalf(a,2) I get the wrong answer: 0.36! It should be: 0.38.

But when when I type: restart;a:=sin(Pi/8);evalf(a,3) I get 0.382, which is better but still not entriely correct: it should be 0.383.

What is going wrong?

Many thanks in advance,

I'm currently working on a school project, the issue is to find approximately the speed of a processor. I made a script which gives the time necessary to calculate a big factorial (10000! for instance). This time (gived by the function time()) is the total CPU time needed to calculate this factorial. But know, I need to know the total number of processor cycle per instruction (CPI) necessary to calculate the factorial. I explain : maybe you already know that the processor run by cycles which has a link with the frequency of the processor. If i can evaluate the number of processor cycle necessary to make a multiplication or the calculation of a factorial (even if this number is approximate) I would be able to find the speed of my processor.
Hi I have a problem. As you know the number of strings of length n, composed of k given elements is k^n. I want to list all this k^n strings. For example if the length is 3 (n=3) and elements are choosing from {0,1} we obtain: 000 001 010 011 100 101 110 111 Actually, for n=3 the solution is simple: B:=[0,1]: for i from 1 to nops(B) do for j from 1 to nops(B) do for k from 1 to nops(B) do print(B[i],B[j],B[k]); od: od: od; I need a code working for all n any idea? Emrah AKYAR Anadolu University Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics
ok back again ! can maple do elasticity ? and cross elasticity let say I have,like the other example I use all the time. d(pc,pt)=2000+1000pt-2Pc and s(pc)=23pc now how can I do the cross- elasticity?(or do I just say the elasticity) of d(pt,pc) against pt. knowing that pt=4 and that pc=2. thank you very much ! peace ! p.s. : if you need more info please do tell.
Hi, I am trying to find a solution to this following maximization problem: pi[a1]:=Q*log(t)*(e[q]) - ( P*(1/log(t))*(1/(1- (e[q])))) - log(y)*log(t)*(e[q]*s[q]+(1-e(q))*s[p]); maximize pi[a1] with respect to t and e[q]. I tried analytical method but it seems that there is no closed form solution. pi_a1[diffwrtp_t]:=(diff(pi[a1],t)); pi_a1[diffwrtp_eq]:=(diff(pi[a1],e[q])); solve({pi_a1[diffwrtp_t] =0, pi_a1[diffwrtp_eq]=0 },{t, e[q]}); Can someone please advice me how to solve the differential equation stated above so that I can find a relationship between t and e[q] and t and y.
Hello, I'm still a new user and I have been unable get MAPLE to print with a result that looks like the original MAPLE file. I know the solution is probably something simple but I can't figure out what it is. I have just uploaded 2 files; and GeorgePaper1.pdf. The latter is a file printout of the former. I'd sure appreciate it if someone could take a look at these 2 files and tell me what I'm doing wrong. -Thank you.
When using the Plotter element in a Maplet, one of the options is (copied from the help file): delay = posint The delay in milliseconds between frames. The default value for this option is 100. So far, if I set this above 1000, the animation will not play. 1000 works and anything below it. Does this mean I cannot have my animation play slower than one second intervals between frames? If this is the upper limit, does anyone have a suggestion for how to get around this? One thing I was thinking was using the Student[Calculus1][ApproximateInt] command (this is what I'm animating) with the partition value set at different intervals corresponding to a function, t, 2*t, 4*t, etc., just like the actual animation does. But I could have my plotter updated manually using a time delay function that Will gave me previously on here. That's a lot of extra code, though; delaying the plot speed even more would work much better.
Hi all,

I'm having a dickens of a time trying to get the following simple conditional statement to work:

> restart;
> p := 6;
> q := 8;
> delta := 4;

> if ((q>0) and (p<0))then print(Node)
elif (q<0)then print(Saddle)
elif((p=0) and (q>0))then print(Center)
else print(Spiral)
end if;

Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-FI : "'_Inert_DELAYBOOLEAN' is not a valid inert form"
Typesetting:-mambiguous(if ((qgt0)and(plt0))then printApplyFunction(Node)

After I compute the values of p,q,and delta I want a ptinted line to tell me the type of Critical Point I have. I am using Maple 10 Student with WIN XP Pro
Hello! I have two questions: 1) If I include the package \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} in the preamble of my latex file, I got an error. Is it possible to circumvent it? 2) When I'm writing Maple questions (\begin{question}{Maple}...), and when I use de edu translator I also got some errors. Any help? Thank you very much. Gaspar.
i need to solve the equation in method in least square; i have one equation e.g.f(x)=a*x^2-b*x-c, but i need use it two times in one equation,like g(x)=f(x1)-f(x). f(x1) put the value x1 in equation f(x),the behind is not the equation like this : a*x1^2-b*x1-c-a*x^2-b*x-c if i input the equation g(x):=f(x)-f(x)the input the value a,b, the 0. it's not my need. who can tell me how to solve the problem?
Hi people, I would like to know how to obtain in maple (to add this in a variable in mapleTA) the next thing: a system like this: {x+2y=0, x+4y+3z=5, x+y+z=0} in a good presentation way, I mean, If I do MathML:-ExportPresentation({x+2y=0, x+4y+3z=5, x+y+z=0}) and I use the resultant code in mapleTA, I obtain the system in a inline way, but I want it like this: x+2y=0 x+4y+3z=5 (here a big "}" englobing all) x+y+z=0 How is it possible using only maple? Thanks
I want to generate MathML code. I'm using Maple 9.5. However I want the generated code not to evaluate the expression. For example:

> codegen[MathML](5^4);
<math xmlns=''>
<mn xref='id1'>625</mn>
<annotation-xml encoding='MathML-Content'>
<cn id='id1' type='integer'>625</cn>
<annotation encoding='Maple'>625</annotation>

while what I want is:

<math xmlns=''>
<mrow xref='id3'>
<mi xref='id1'>5</mi>
Hi When I try to print in Maple 10.05 having set the zoom factor to below 100% (e.g. 75%) the print is still in 100% zoom. How do I print using a smaller zoom? This was possible in Maple 10 Classic and Maple 9.5 By the way, I am using Ubuntu Linux 6.06 Regards
Hi all.. I am probably overlooking a switch or setting in Maple(10)Win XP, but when I do a calculation such as: yh:=c1*x1*exp(-1.5*t)+c2*x2*exp(-1.44*t); Maple returns: yh:=c1 x1 (e)^((-1.5000 t))+c2 x2 (e)^((-1.4400 t)) Which is correct but Maple does not recognize the (e)^(-1.44*t) as the exponential when I try to use it in future calculations. Is there a setting I have missed or is this how Maple handles exponentials? TIA Larry Ciak aka
Hi, I am trying to solve a first order differential equation numerically using dsolve. The equation is of the form dx/dt = k1 x + k2 |x|^2 x where x(t) is a complex valued function and k1 and k2 are complex constants. I get the following warning/error from maple10 Warning, abs is not differentiable at non-real arguments For this equation dsolve only gives me the solution for relatively short times (t ~1 or 2) and I know there is a solution valid at large times >>1. Obviously I could cast this equation into a system of 2: one for the real part and the other for the imaginary part.
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