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Hallo, I was wondering if anyone had any pointers about writing/ reading complex mathematical expressions such as these, [(34 - 30I)*exp(1.5 - 6*i)(theta)] + [(25 - 35*I)*exp(2+3*I)(theta)] into/from a text file. I need to copy such data from one maple worksheet into another. I appreciate any advice in this matter. Regards, Virat
This may have already been resolved but in case some people are still having problems... If your maple calculator is not working (ie not giving you an answer .. just giving you a blank line) your firewall may be blocking the java.exe script in your maple\jre\bin directory. Just allow access for this file. So just create a new rule in your firewall to allow full access for the maple\jre\bin\java.exe file and voila your calculator should now be giving you some answers. Hope this helps. And sorry for posting again if someone already mentioned this in the past.
For my technical applications I use the incomplete EllipticE(z,k) = int(sqrt(1-k^2*t^2)/sqrt(1-t^2),t=0..z) and Incomplete Elliptic integral of the first kind EllipticF(z,k), both with z positive but arbitrary and with 0<>
Hi everyone! (I'm Fench, hope my English isn't too bad). I use Maple to solve non-linear differential equations using a numeric method, and I plot these solutions using the basic: >slnew := dsolve({set1, set2, a1(0) = 0, a2(0) = 1, (D(a1))(0) = 0, (D(a2))(0) = 0}, {a1(t), a2(t)}, numeric); >plot1 := odeplot(slnew, [t, a2(t)], t = 0 .. 10, numpoints = 10000); So far it's ok. However, I'd like to compare the difference between the solutions when the initials conditions are slightly different, say, a2(0)=1.1 . So I use the same procedure to create a plot2, and I use: >display(plot1,plot2);
Hello: I just bought this maple sofware last week, and I need some help with that. I am tryingto do my homework from college, "calculus and trig" I need to know how I can erase after I have bee done an exercise in the little window going to: maple 11, untitle, tools, tutor, single variable? I this is very good but I jsut can not erase anyting after I did an exercise , please I need help!! thank you!
Good day everyone! First of all I want to excuse my self for my english: I don't know it well. But this forum is my last hope. I need to solve the next task: For example, there is a ring: x^2+y^2 I need to colour the area in this ring. I didn't find how to do it by Maple function's. All I found is a function inequal, but it work's only with linear inequalities in two unknown variables, and this is not exacly what I need. I have tried to do it using function implicitplot with option filled=true, but it work's good only with circle(for example, x^2+y^2<>).
Hi, I am new to Maple and need some helps to find the sharpest upper for fab:=(a^2-k*a+a)/2+(b^2-k*b+b)/2+a*b/2 subject to 2
It may seem like a simple question, but we believe that there is some sort of bug/error in Maple that is interfering with Maple's capability to save as Classic. I apologize that I have not been able to devise a method to exactly reproduce this result. It's hit-or-miss. It seems to be the case that this error crops up in Classic worksheets (and, in theory, would happen on a Windows machine if one were to open and edit a Classic worksheet in Standard Maple). On Linux and Mac (OS X 10.04) machines, when we open a Classic worksheet, edit it, and try to save (just Save, not Save As. Just ctrl+s or apple+s), the warning dialogue box will come up telling us that there may be elements in the worksheet not compatible with the Classic worksheet format. We select Ok and the worksheet is supposed to save at this point; however, there are many times that it will not save. If we immediately try to save again, it will usually save that time.
Hi, I wanna plot some geometrical graphics with maple (v. 11), and i'm having problems with the easiest one: a point If you want to plot a point, for example with(geometry); point(p, 1, 1); draw(p(symbol = point), axes = normal, view = [-6 .. 6, -6 .. 6]) Ok well, now i want maple to plot the axis, as maple help says:
globalopts: the set of options allowed for globalopts is the same as that for plot except for the adaptive and sample options.
Then i try with(geometry); point(p, 1, 1); draw(p(symbol = point), axes = normal, view = [-6 .. 6, -6 .. 6], gridlines = true)
I have a problem with evalm. For example: A:=matrix([[1,2],[a,3]]); a:=5; evalm(A); There is still 'a' in the matrix and not 5 instead of a. Why? How should I do?
Ive searched on google and on this forum and cant find any clear steps on how to do the following:

I need to solve: 2s^2 - 12s + 16 <= 0
I know how to solve it without this app but I would like to know how to make maple 11 show all of the steps to get to the answer.. for example.

going from that problem to
s^2 -6s + 8 <= 0 like step 1. divide by 2
(s-2)(s-4) step 2 factor
s = 2 and s = 4 solve for s.

Is there anyway to get maple 11 to do this? Thanks in advance.
How does Maple send a plot to a ps file?
Thanks to you, I now find myself anticipating the "silver" leaf - I'm pretty close, you know. :-) My biggest decision now is whether I should delay the inevitable for a while, or just "go for it"
How would I generate all possible strings of letters from a given string of letters? (For example, if a given string of letters is "AA", then all possible strings of letters are "A" and "AA". If a given string of letters is "ABA", then all possible strings of letters in lexicographic order are "A", "AA", "AAB", "AB", "ABA", "B", "BA", "BAA".) I know that I first need to convert the string of letters to a list of letters, but I can't figure out the correct coding. Thanks for any advice!
How would I find and check 10 distinct solutions to the matrix equation Matrix(2, 4, {(1, 1) = 1, (1, 2) = 2, (1, 3) = 3, (1, 4) = 4, (2, 1) = 5, (2, 2) = 6, (2, 3) = 7, (2, 4) = 8}) Vector(4, {(1) = x[1], (2) = x[2], (3) = x[3], (4) = x[4]}) = Vector(2, {(1) = 10, (2) = 10}) ? I know that I need to use LinearSolve, but I'm not sure how to do it exactly...
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