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hi i have one question in maple is many function which can have two 2D output like sum: Sum(f,i=3..n); in 2d Sum(f,i=3..n); sum(f,i=3..n); in 2d (n-2)f; for example i wanna my own function which will has two forms like a sum but in unevalued form will be instead of sigma for example Q or another symbol and above and belove that symbol will be some values, and in evaluated form there will be expression or number; another example is Diff or BesselJ funcions which have both two forms (symbolic/algebraic) my question is how to make this? Q(4,2);
Greetings! Newbie to the forum... I have created and solved a set of 2 PDE's, and I am trying to plot the results. I am capable of seeing the results of the second PDE by using the default command below. Is there a way to specifically pick which PDE to plot (I'm sure there is, but I can't seem to figure it out). pds := pdsolve(PDEset, PDEIC, numeric, time = t, range = 0 .. 30); pds:-plot3d(t = 0 .. 5, x = 0 .. 30, axes = boxed); Any help appreciated! Fred
My goal is to have users question banks in text files, and then read the data (both text and Maple procedures) in, through the readline function. The problem is, when I use that function, they come out as strings. For instance, if the first line of my file default.txt is diff(x^2,x) then the command readline("default.txt"); will display "diff(x^2,x)" I've tried using the convert function, but I can't find a type that will change it to a procedure. convert(aString,symbol) puts it as a symbol, but when I assign a variable to that symbol all it does it spit the symbol back out, it doesn't execute it. And if I use type(aString,procedure), it makes a procedure which displays the string. I need to remove the double quotes somehow and turn what's inside into a full-fledged Maple procedure. Any ideas?
When I saw a statement on a post I thought "I didn't know you could do that". I downloaded it and it wouldn't compile. Here is the statement. G := (i,j) -> if is(i,even) and is(j,even) then 1; else 0; end if; When I tried to compile this in MAPLE 10 I got an "invalid arrow proceedure" error. Should this compile? Thanks
In a number of posts containing code I have seen the expression fi. When I type ?fi I get the help file on if. I read through this file and find no reference to fi. Could someone explain what fi is and/or where I might find it discussed in the help file? Thanks
Hello everybody! Could anybody help me How can I obtain a numerical solution for an ordinary differential eigenvalue problem? I suppose that it can be something with "dsolve,numeric". Thank a lot
Dear all: Anybody could tell me how can I obtain this integral with maple? Int(u^(d)*coth(u/2), u=0..infinity); where "d" is positive thank a lot D. Reyes CBPF
As a project I have found need to create a new type through the external calling interface of maple. To allow for easy use of this type I have been overloading the operators to handle this new type. Most of them seem to work quite well but I am having a problem that by overloading these operators some totally unrelated functions seem to break (even when not dealing with my new type).
Hello everybody! I again have a problem with "Dsolve numeric". I solve a system of linear ODEs with boundary and continuity conditions.I got an error, which is associated with any internal procedure of Maple. For the sake of simplification, I reduced the order of equation from two fourth-order ODEs to the eight equations of the first order, but the same error is outputed. Download 2847_problem-1-1.mws
View file details Please help me clarify it. Thank you
Hello, my question is very simple but I can't find the way to do it. I have to plot several 3D-dots(x, y, z) over a 3D-sphere. Please, can anyone help me? Thanks!
Is there a way to take data from an Excel Spreadsheet and easily put it into a matrix in Maple 10?
This is my worksheet: > a:=10: > f:=6: > for i from 1 to 12 do b[i]:=arrow(r[i],F[i])od: F[i] are predefined vectors and r[i] are the points form which they start. > with(plots): > with(plottools): > A:=seq(b[i],i=1..12): > > > B:=plottools[line]([0,0,0],[a,0,0],thickness=3,color=black): > C:=plottools[line]([0,0,0],[0,a,0],thickness=3,color=black): > unprotect(D): > D:=plottools[line]([a,0,0],[a,a,0],thickness=3,color=black): > E:=plottools[line]([a,a,0],[0,a,0],thickness=3,color=black): > > F:=plottools[line]([0,0,0],[0,0,a],thickness=3,color=black): > G:=plottools[line]([a,0,0],[a,0,a],thickness=3,color=black):
How do I get the solutions from the results of fsolve to a cell on the spreadsheet? For example, fsolve gave me {t3=4.6976,t2=4.42238} and I want to put them in cell A1 and B2 respectively. Thanks.
Can anyone tell me why I am getting the error I am getting in this file. View on MapleNet or Download
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Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a maplet application, but am encountering some problems.... I'd like to have a maplet asking for an integer input, and after clicking ok, it would open a new maplet with as many TextFields as the given integer. Is there a way to do this? In normal Maple code, I would use a loop of course, but these loops seem not allowed in maplets... Suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks a lot in advance! Frederik.
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