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I have been trying to convert my maple .mw file to a PDF under 'Print...' but it does not work. The problem is when I click on the "Save as PDF" and I name my pdf and click on 'Save' it does not save my file anywhere. It simply will not save it. 
Does somebody know why it will not save as a PDF? It saves all other files properly (also converts word files to PDF fine). 


Can I somehow define a function based on a result from a PolynomialFit.
It doesn't seem to read it as a function the way I try to define it now (see attached maple file).

I could copy the result into a function, but then I lose some information since the values are approximated.

dS[c] := Gamma*(P*In[a]+R[a]+S[a])-rho*S[c]-S[c]*beta[h]*In[v]/(S[c]+In[c]+R[c]+S[a]+In[a]+R[a]+In[m])-mu[h]*S[c]; dIn[c] := S[c]*beta[h]*In[v]/(S[c]+In[c]+R[c]+S[a]+In[a]+R[a]+In[m])-rho*In[c]-gamma*In[c]-mu[h]*In[c]; dR[c] := gamma*In[c]-rho*R[c]-R[c]*mu[h]; dS[a] := rho*S[c]-S[a]*beta[h]*In[v]/(S[c]+In[c]+R[c]+S[a]+In[a]+R[a]+In[m])-mu[h]*S[a]; dIn[a] := rho*In[c]+S[a]*beta[h]*In[v]/(S[c]+In[c]+R[c]+S[a]+In[a]+R[a]+In[m])-gamma*In[a]-mu[h]*In[a]; dR[a] := gamma*In[a]+rho*R[c]-R[a]*mu[h]; dIn[m] := Gamma*In[a]*(1-P)-mu[m]*In[m]; dS[v] := Gamma[v]-S[v]*beta[v]*(In[c]+In[a]+In[m])/(S[c]+In[c]+R[c]+S[a]+In[a]+R[a]+In[m])-mu[v]*S[v]; dIn[v] := S[v]*beta[v]*(In[c]+In[a]+In[m])/(S[c]+In[c]+R[c]+S[a]+In[a]+R[a]+In[m])-mu[v]*In[v]; solve({dIn[a]=0, dIn[c]=0, dIn[m]=0, dIn[v]=0, dR[a]=0, dR[c]=0, dS[a]=0, dS[c]=0, dS[v]=0}, {In[a], In[c], In[m], In[v], R[a], R[c], S[a], S[c], S[v]}); Warning, solutions may have been lost

Display integers between -10 and 20. Put integers between -10 and 20 in a list.

Display the odd integers between 115 and 231, then put them in a list

Construct a procedure that takes as argument a sorted list, an element n and returns the place of n if it belongs to the list, the sequence NULL otherwise.

Hi, I am trying to run the following command in a Maple worksheet

P:= 1979 #(this is the1000-th prime);
S:=5000; k:=5:
for i from 2 to k do

(This is a beginning step to create the Shamir's secret sharing).
However, I get the following output (with explanations)

                              5000          (This is correct. the value a[1])
x -> a[1]                                   (This should be the initial function f = 5000)
                              7005          (This is correct, the value a[2])
x -> f(x) + a[i] x^(k-1)               (one of the main problems, see below)

The main problems are in the last output above:
1. The f(x) is not as it should be: f(x) = a[1] = 5000;
2. The index i isn't changed when it should be i = 2;
3.  An error message: too many levels of recursion  

The output (I expect) should be: 5000 + 7005x, ...., etc.

Thanks in advanced for any help.

I have two lines:

line(l1, [point(p1, [15, 6, 3.4]), vector([-4, 12, .3])]) and line(l2, [point(p2, [-17, 54, 3.2]), vector([6, -6, .2])])

They Intersect in this point: point(p3, [7, 30, 4]) (Tested it with IsOnObject)

When i use intersection(i1, l1, l2) it says "intersection: the given objects do not intersect"

Where is my Mistake?

Thank you for your Help!

I am trying to find an eigenspace of a matrix, but I am getting an error. I have attached a screenshot of the error and my work to help. 

int(exp(-sec(t))*cos(t)/(-1/4+sin(t)^2), t = 0 .. (1/2)*Pi, CauchyPrincipalValue = true, numeric = true);

Returns unevaluated for me.

I tried all the methods in HELP documentation and I failed.
Integral is singular at point 1/4.

Thank you.

Hello my friends

I have a problem with initial condition for below system of differential equation

sys := {6*(diff(a(t), t))^2+12*a(t)*(diff(a(t), t$2))-3*a(t)^2*phi(t)^(-2*c)*sqrt(1-alpha*(diff(phi(t), t))^2), 2*c*a(t)^3*phi(t)^(-2*c-1)*sqrt(1-alpha*(diff(phi(t), t))^2)-3*alpha*a(t)^2*phi(t)^(-2*c)*(diff(a(t), t))*(diff(phi(t), t))/sqrt(1-alpha*(diff(phi(t), t))^2)-alpha*a(t)^3*phi(t)^(-2*c)*(diff(phi(t), t$2))/sqrt(1-alpha*(diff(phi(t), t))^2)+2*c*alpha*a(t)^3*phi(t)^(-2*c-1)*(diff(phi(t), t))^2/sqrt(1-alpha*(diff(phi(t), t))^2)-alpha^2*a(t)^3*phi(t)^(-2*c)*(diff(phi(t), t))^2*(diff(phi(t), t$2))/(1-alpha*(diff(phi(t), t))^2)^(3/2), R(t) = 6*((diff(a(t), t))^2/a(t)^2+(diff(a(t), t$2))/a(t)), W(t) = -phi(t)^(-2*c)*sqrt(1-alpha*(diff(phi(t), t))^2)/(1/a(t)^3+a(t)^3+phi(t)^(-2*c)/sqrt(1-alpha*(diff(phi(t), t))^2))}

I set {c,alpha}={1,1} but initial conditon is problem ... since I got the following message from maple to illustrate diagrams of W(t), a(t) and even phi(t)

Warning, cannot evaluate the solution past the initial point, problem may be complex, initially singular or improperly set up

please help me.


with the best regard


Dear Friends

Do I want to know how to merge these two loops in one? how to apply if-else loop? help me in this regard. the source file is attached. Thank you! 

restart; M := 5;
for i1 while i1 <= M do N[i1, 0](u) = 1 end do;
                         N[1, 0](u) = 1
                         N[2, 0](u) = 1
                         N[3, 0](u) = 1
                         N[4, 0](u) = 1
                         N[5, 0](u) = 1
for k1 while k1 <= M do N[0, k1](u) = 0 end do;
                         N[0, 1](u) = 0
                         N[0, 2](u) = 0
                         N[0, 3](u) = 0
                         N[0, 4](u) = 0
                         N[0, 5](u) = 0


Hi All!

Is there a way to

1) sechedule the job

2) make it parallel

for computing Ax=B where A is a matrix (n*n) and B is a vector (n).


Lamba is meant to be reserved for liouville function plotting some data i just realized it isn't that, so if the people that make the numtheory package please unprotec lamba in the future, or protec it but changed its proc assignment to the liouville function
function that would really sweet thanks

I wanted to have 3 graphs in 1 coordinate system. The Maple command I used was,

g := x -> (10*x)/(3+x);

f := x -> (10*x)/(5+x);

h := x -> (8*x)/(5+x);

  plot( [g(x),f(x), h(x)], x=0..30, color=[red,blue, green], legend = ["k=3,c=10", "k=5, c=10","k=5,c=8"]));

Warning, unable to evaluate 1 of the 3 functions to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct


The error comes up. only f(x) and h(x) were shown. How do I fix this? Thank you.


Monod Growth Model.

The function given was f(x)= cx/k+x , where c is the saturation value and k is the half-saturation constant.

I wanted to have the 2 graphs in 1 coordinate system, where both have c=5 but k= 2 and 3.

Is there also a way to clearly label and show that c=5 and extrapolate the point where k=2 and 3?


Thank you.

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