MaplePrimes Questions

Larson 6th edition gives the following solution; 

However, LineInt(VectorField(`<,>`(x, y)), Path(`<,>`(4*t, 3*t), t = 0 .. 1))

returns 25/2 and 

LineInt(VectorField(`<,>`(x, y)), Path(`<,>`(4*t, 3*t), t = 0 .. 1), output = integral)


Int(25*t, t = 0 .. 1)

Why are the solutions different?



by passing all steps to install Maplesim 2017.3 i confort the error "The system cannot find the file specidied" when i want to open it. what shoud i do?

In the following file when p is a fraction other than 1/2 the integral is not evaluated. Please help