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    Dear Fellows
Hoped everything is fine with you. I plotted some contours for a flow model and i want to generate its dat file. Please help me in this regard. Thanks

Attached is a worksheet containing a simple assignment that gives an "illegal use of an object as a name" error. I created the superscripted name in the following way.

1)  type b.

2) click on the Insert|Typesetting|Superscript  item in the insert menu.

3) enter 1 at the cursor in the superscript position.

4)  the result is a name b with superscript 1, but this symbol does not constitute a valid name for an assignment.


Parse:-ConvertTo1D, "first argument to _Inert_ASSIGN must be assignable"

Error, illegal use of an object as a name






How Would I fix that?


I forgot how to display the output ar an array i.e. (r,u(r)) (table of data)

I am sure i will find answers here.



res1:=dsolve(dsys union {u(0.05)=0,u(1)=0},numeric);



How we can see steps of Laplace transform calculation?

In a thesis by Md. Mohsin Ali at the University of Ontario, he says that ifactor uses multiple threads and presents a graph of measured results.

I ran ifactor with a 100 digit input and do not see mserver using multiple cores in top.  I do see mserver using 100% of a single core.

Am I missing something?

It would be nice to save various animated Maple images from into GIF images, but without the coordinates and the axes. THe same question in anoehr way: Can we plot the original function without any axes or coordinates?

Thank you!



kilobytes used=921, alloc=1200, time=0.09
kilobytes used=1325, alloc=5296, time=0.13


kilobytes used=107733, alloc=9228, time=6.64

Process Maple segmentation fault (core dumped)

No matter what I do from the keyboard, a core dump is not a reasonable response.


This worksheet animates stereographic projection of a grid on a sphere onto the plane the sphere sits on.

Is there a way to display matching colors in corresponding cells in the two grids?



My question is whether any special interest groups exist in the Maple Cloud?  If so, is there a public listing of these groups?


I need to find out how to print the number of row or the numbers on right based only on the combination of the two numbers in first two columns. The external file looks like this:

I have prepared possible combinations of numbers and I need to read the numbers on the right which belongs to this combination. There is no such thing as the sum of two numbers = number of row, so it can't be done this easy.

Can somebody help please? Thanks a lot


I would like to understand how i can construct module with submodules.

In the maple help, this chapter should answer perfectly to my need :

At this page, there is a package called Shapes which should be very useful for me.

However, i don't understand 1 point at the moment about the package architecture of this example of package.

Why there is a submodule also called Shapes inside the module Shapes ? In other words, why the different submodules point, segment, circle, square, triangle have not be constructed directly under the module Shapes but under the submodule Shapes?

I thank you in advance for your help.

Hi everyone, i'm working on a project and i'm having a problem as such:

I got t1 already (t1=26,88) by solving s(t)=0 and when I try to calculate s(t) with t=t1, i type s(t1) Maple give me 1.10^(-6) as result but the result should be 0.22144. Here are my codes:

hi, is there any option to make inequality in animate with filled/marked area?

display(animate(implicitplot, [abs(x + y*I - a) <= 2*(1 - abs(x + y*I)), x = -2 .. 2, y = -2 .. 2], a = -1.75 .. 1.75, frames = 100), implicitplot(x^2 + y^2 = 1, x = -2 .. 2, y = -2 .. 2, color = black));

Hey everyone,

I see I can use SimpleLieAlgebraData to create Lie algebras of types A, B, C, D, and also G2 and F4. Is there a built-in way to generate E6, E7, and E8? If not, is there any plan to add these?


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