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I am a new Maple user and I would like a good reference book for Maple 11, specifically one that is geared towards first-timers like myself. All of the Maple books I have seen are quite outdated and they would certainly not discuss the many new features of Maple 11. Thanks!
I'm trying to resolve a PDE system but appear some error. I use the command pdsolve(sys) an apear the follow error : 'Error, (in pdsolve/sys/info) required an indication of the dependent variables in the given system'
Hello. Does anyone know if Maple has a function similar to NORMSDIST in Excel? Thanks.
Recently I tried to verify or expand on a recent biological statement that I read. It had to deal with 50 billion neurons each having about 10 thousand different connections each. After trying to discover the number of operands in the combination of 50 billion things chosen 10 thousand at a time, using the choose command, maple basically crashed. Approximately, what are the computational limits of maple in general, and combinat commands in particular ? For example, what is the biggest integer one can take the factorial of ? v/r,
Hey, I'm new to Maple (using both Maple 10 and 11), using it in my Calculus 2 class. I wanted to know if there is a way to find the limit of an infinite series, such as: sum((Pi+3*cos(x))/x, x = 1 .. infinity) If I can do it with Maple it will save me hours of work. Thanks, Evan
Hi, I just installed Maple 10, and the standard worksheet works fine, but the classic worksheet crashes every time I try to run anything, open anything, save anything, or pretty much do anything at all. What's wrong? I tried turning off my firewall and reinstalling and I'm still having problems. Thanks for your advice!
hi.. i want to ask about command for random generator.can you give examples of cammand to build programmning of generating new random generator.i deal with 10^12 of random variables. i don't have any idea to create the command for this random generator.can you help me?please..
Hello, Given a system of differential equations as: C*V = O; where O is a null matrix and C is a 3X3 matrix as follows: Row 1: [rho*(alpha*I+omega*U*I), rho*U', alpha*I] Row 2: [0, rho*(alpha*I+omega*U*I), d/dy] Row 3: [alpha*I, d/dy, M^2*(alpha*I+omega*U*I)] The prime in Row 1 denotes differentiation with respect to y, and I is the unit imaginary number, d/dy is a differential operator. The vector V is given by: V = [u; v; w]; How do I use Maple to do a Gauss Elimination on the coefficient matrix which will give me separate equations for each of u, v and w. Or to be more specific, how do I represent the differential operator d/dy in a matrix
Has anyone tried installing Maple within WinXP installed as on OS in Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007 running in Vista? It seems like it should run just the same as it would in normal WinXP. I've run Win98 in the Virtual PC 2005 running on WinXP Professional with no problems. This would allow Maple to run on the same system as Vista, even though it wouldn't make use of anything relating to additional RAM, additional CPU's, or whatever. Flipping between the two is very easy and it's even possible to share files between the native OS and virtual - at least with Virtual PC 2005 in case one wanted to do something with Maple output files within a program running on Vista.
I am solving and plotting mechanical spring vibration problems, and I keep getting an empty plot for this equation: y''+4y=2cos2t, y(0)=0,y'(0)=0. Here is how I entered it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. e2:=(diff(y(t), t, t))+4*y(t) = 4*cos*t; s2:=dsolve([e2, y(0) = 0, (D(y))(0) = 0]); r2; rhs(s2); plot(r2, t = 0 .. 10); Error, empty plot
hi, i want to ask about random data. i have a set of randoms can i compile the data into the interval that has fixed.after that i want to plot the histogram by using that randoms data.can you give me an idea to create that histogram. for your information, i have more than thousand random data.i have no idea to program the histogram. thank you..
Can the maple function map, just be considered as performing a composition ? v/r,
I have a .lib file, and I want to unpack it to read source files in it. What should I do?
I have four Matrix A,B,C,D.How can i union them together to form a new Matrix E like the follows? E:=(A,B) (C,D) E is a block Matrix formed by A,B,C,D. waiting for your help!thanks!
Hello all, I'm having a lot of trouble using the shading function. I'm trying to shade a circle a particular color but there is always an error. I found this website but I didn't figure out how to do it myself: I'm making a picture of a cartoon and my plots are all finished but the shading part is throwing me off; when I put in filled=true instead of filling the circle it makes a box the size of the radius on top of the circle. Can anyone help me?
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