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Hiya! I'm at a loss for how to properly generate a set of n x n-matrices of the form [-1]; [[0,-1], [-1,0]]; [[0,0,-1], [0, -1, 0], [-1, 0, 0]] ... and so on, for n from 1 to an arbitrary value. I've had a good look at the constructer options for Matrix() but failed to spot the proper solution. I'd like to do so in a loop or seq, so I can perform the needed operations on them, without having to keep a lot of arbitrary variables. Any good hints or tips?
Hi guys. How do I plot the solutionpoint from an optimization as a function of a parameter in an effective way? The problem I'm struggeling with is the following. I'm interested in the optimal E of V := (E,a) -> int(-1/2*E*(-r+E)/r*((1/2*r)^(-1+a)*(1-1/2*r)^(-1+a)/Beta(a,a)),r = E .. 2); for any given a, given 0<>
I am trying to write a procedure that uses LinearAlgebra[SingularValues]. For some reason, the line U,S,Vt := LinearAlgebra[SingularValues](covariance, output=['U','S','Vt']); causes the procedure to give the error message: Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-LA_Main:-SingularValues) invalid output (U) specified However, outside the procedure the same line works perfectly. Any help will be much appreciated!
Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to use Document Components or Maplet Elements from Java? Is there a file that has the library for these components? I use the Netbeans environment, has anyone set up that environment to use Maple libraries? Thanks, Art
I incidently put in an incorrect item response. The deadline has been passed and now I would like to correct the students scores. Is there a way to redo the evaluation of an existing data-base in Maple TA 2.5? Harry Garst
Is there a way to export the item responses to a tab-delimited file in Maple TA 2.5? I would like to analyse the item responses and so far there seems no possibility to transfer the item responses. Only grades can be exported. I hope I am wrong, because it is difficult to understand what the reason is to prevent exporting the responses? Harry Garst
I have the initial and boundary conditions: cond := ro(x, 0) = 0, v(x, 0) = 0, {ro(0, t) = 10, ro(40, t) = 20}, {v(0, t) = 10, v(40, t) = 20}; The PDE system is: sys2 := {diff(ro(x, t), t)+diff(ro(x, t)*v(x, t), x) = 0, diff(v(x, t), t)+v(x, t)*(diff(v(x, t), x))+3*ro(x, t)*(diff(ro(x, t), x)) = 0}; I use: sol1 := pdsolve(sys2, {cond}, numeric, time = t, range = 0 .. 40); values := sol1:-value(); ... When I try to see the values I receive the following error: values(40, 20); Error, (in solnproc) unable to compute solution for t>0.: column vector dimension less than length of sparse data
I am trying to calculate the second derivative of a taylor expansion. Could anyone tell me how to enter this command? Thanks Rachel
Can someone point me in the direction to integrate a maple file into a java program? I made a maple file that has a variable and will output a final graph after long calculations.. What I want is a nice java app where the user can simply type in the variable they want, and a graph is displayed in a window? Just a general kick in the butt to the direction for documentation about such a process would be great! Thanks!
Hello, I'am using Maple 11 and have the following problem concerning plots of ODE: ode := M*(diff(x(t), t, t))+K*x(t) = Force; sol := dsolve({ode, x(0) = 0, (D(x))(0) = 0}, numeric); xx := (t) -> rhs(sol(t)[2]); dx := (t) -> rhs(sol(t)[3]); M := 1; K := 4*Pi^2; test := proc (F, t) global Force; Force := F; xx(t) end proc; When I call test(F,t) directly everything works fine: test(2, 2); -2.49946953367608378 10 ..... However, when I try to plot the test-function vs Force I get an error message: plot(test(pressure, 1), pressure = 1 .. 3); Error, (in sol) global 'Force' must be assigned to a numeric value before obtaining a solution
I've been trying to plot the function f:=x->(e^(-a*x^2)-b*x*ln(1+x^2))/(2+x^2+c*sin(Pi*x)); with values a,b,c which have been assigned on maple. when i try to plot the function using: plot(f(x),x=-4..4); I get the error: Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct Error, empty plot I have tried all ways i can possibly think and cannot get it to plot the graph. Can anyone help?
Although this question might seem silly to Maple experts, I cannot help asking, since despite a long search through Maple Help and Maple Guides I was not able to come across the answer. What I mean is this: > eq1 := diff(y(t),t)-y(t)^2+y(t)*sin(t)-cos(t) = 0; > # here I want some command that would return the order of eq1, i.e. 1 > something(eq1); > eq2 := diff(y(t),`$`(t,2)) = y(t)*u(t) + diff(u(t),t); > something(eq2,y); # this should return 2 > something(eq2,u); # this should return 1 Besides, I would also need the same for recurrent (shift) equations, i.e.
Marben packaging makes open boxes(no Top) out of cardboard squares whose sides are 6 ft. long. What is the maximum volume they can obtain from the cardboard
Defferentiables Two highways intersect at right angles. Car A on one highway is 0.5 kilometer from the intersection and is moving toward it at 96 kilometers per hour, while car B on the other highway is 1 kilometer from the intersection and is moving away from it at 88 kilometers per hour. At what rate is the distance between the two cars changing at the instant.
I got an interesting error message

f:=(x,lambda)->2/(1+lambda)*1/( 1/(x+lambda)+1/(1+lambda));

(x, lambda) -> --------------------------------------
                            /    1            1     \
               (1 + lambda) |---------- + ----------|
                            \x + lambda   1 + lambda/


               1     1   (x - 1)  f(0, lambda)
(x, lambda) -> - x + - - ---------------------
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