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Hello, I was wondering if I need to uninstall Maple 10 before I install the upgrade Maple 11. Or afterwards.... Or can I leave Maple 10 on? Thanks a lot, Steve.
I'm relatively new to Maple so the answer to this question may be simple. Why do I not get the expected results of 23.30 and 24.40 when displaying the Matrix? The results are the same if I declare it as an Array. myMatrix := Matrix(1 .. 1, 1 .. 2, datatype = float[8]); myMatrix[1, 1] := 23.30; myMatrix[1, 2] := 23.40; print(myMatrix);                                               [ 23.3000000000000007     23.3999999999999986 ]
I am considering buyuing a notebook computer and all the ones I have taken a look at come w/ the VISTA OS. As I understand it from certain posts on this forum, if I were to buy one of those notebooks I would not be able to run MAPLE11 on it until some unspecified time in the future. Is my understanding correct? If so, I would hope and expect that the folks at Maplesoft give this matter high priority, inasmuch as it appears that most new computers come w/ VISTA installed.
Something I hadn't tried until today was calling into a DLL with Maple. I was surprised at how easy it is. Once inside a DLL, the sky is pretty much the limit as far as passing the data around between applications for realtime plotting and even passing to device drivers for other processing or even I/O in WinXP.
Is it possible to get/set the view option of a plot component using the DocumentTools package? I'm trying to plot a function containing a parameter whose value is controlled by a slider component. When I adjust the view using rightclick->manipulator->scale and then move the slider, the graph reverts back to the hard-coded scale in the original plot command. I'd like to set a default scale, then allow a user to set the scale using the scale manipulator and have that new scale persist through the next slider manipulation.
I'm relatively new to Maple and have a question about a result from the menu DE solver. In the attached file, FODE puzzling result, I don't understand ln(e)-1 in the denominator. Thanks, Rich View 1292_FODE puzzling result on MapleNet or Download 1292_FODE puzzling result
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hi... can anyone help me to give an example of loop's command for programming the random data generator? i have to built programmning for random data that will appear after i've run the experiment,but i have no idea to do that.. please..i've run out the time..
This is probably very elementary, but I am a new Maple user (first day) and would appreciate any help. I am using Maple 11. I am trying to solve Laplace's equation in a circle and so have set up the pde in polar coordinates. pde := Diff(u(r, theta), r, r)+(Diff(u(r, theta), r))/r+(Diff(u(r, theta), theta, theta))/r^2 = 0 My problem is that I want to specify initial conditions over a range. i.e. u(r,theta)=1 for r=0.5 to 1 for theta=0 and theta=2*pi, and u(r,theta)=-1 for r=0.5 to 1 for theta=pi. My problem is that I don't know how to specify the condition for a limited part of the r range.
Hello, I want to apply the operator (x*d/dx+y*d/dy)^n to a function f(x,y) where n is a natural number. Is there any way to do it? I could build a loop to construct the final result for a given n but I am looking for something more elegant..
I have a problem with maple11 running on my laptop:Maple Faq tells me :You should configure your firewall to grant full permissions to the following Maple files: ..\Maple 10\jre\bin\maple.exe ..\Maple 10\\mserver.exe ..\Maple 10\\cwmaple.exe ..\Maple 10\\cmaple.exe But I don't know how to do that:I have Netgear DG834g router,I follow the instructions there to go to Firewall rules, I click on add service and i am lost(nb I am awful with computers).Then I go to services>add custom service and again I don't know what to do...Basically what am i supposed to do??Is a ser
I'm trying to write a loop which will display matrices of larger than 10x10, as an umbrella matrix with blocks of up to 10x10... for example an 11x14 matrix would display as a 4x4 matrix with the [1,1] element a 10x10 matrix, [1,2] a 1x10, [2,1] a 4x10 and [2,2] a 4x1. Any suggestions on how to do this or where I'd find example code? I'm an undergrad student with only an intermediate level of maple experience so I'll probably struggle with explanations with lots of jargon!
Hi If anyone has the Global Optimization Toolbox loaded, could you crunch the following worksheet to see if a global minima can be found rgds View on MapleNet or Download
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I am a new Maple user and I would like a good reference book for Maple 11, specifically one that is geared towards first-timers like myself. All of the Maple books I have seen are quite outdated and they would certainly not discuss the many new features of Maple 11. Thanks!
I'm trying to resolve a PDE system but appear some error. I use the command pdsolve(sys) an apear the follow error : 'Error, (in pdsolve/sys/info) required an indication of the dependent variables in the given system'
Hello. Does anyone know if Maple has a function similar to NORMSDIST in Excel? Thanks.
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