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Hello, I would like to use Maple for testing the syntax. In documentation is mentioned the -P parameter, which switch the maple into syntax checking mode, where none expressions are evaluated. I can imagine, that I will run maple with -P parameter to process a worksheet and after proceeding, I will search the errors in output. But I would like to have one Maple instance still running and to send/receive data continously. That means to sent through the one pipe to maple some expression and through other pipe receive answer from maple. Is it possible? Can you write here some solution using python or perl?
I'm creating worksheets for students; the worksheets contain example Maple commands, which I would like to copy directly from Maple 10 into emacs (my preferred editor for all my (La)TeX work). How can I do this? At the moment, the best I can do is to export the Maple worksheet as plain text, and open that up in emacs. But this is a clumsy and round-about way for doing things. How can I coerce Maple to copy and paste to and from the X buffer? I'm using Suse 10.0. Thanks, Alasdair
Hello. I am aware of the subs command. I was wondering if there is any way in Maple to use Edit/replace to change variable names. Whenever I do a search on 'II' in the following file, it takes me the the line which starts with "In this line". It seems to ignore the Math stuff. Any way around this? Second question: To get the line with the second derivative to print out the wat it did, I ended up having to use 2 sets of single quotes around the formula instead of one. I was kind of wondering why that is. -Thanks.

Maple Equation

In a loop I m calculating x and y coordinates of a point. Then, I m plotting this points with plot command. But my loop takes too much time so I haven’t seen anything until the loop end. Is there any way to see these points immediately? My code is like: data := []; For i from 1 to LargeInteger do … x := … y := … … data := [ op(data), [x,y] ]; … od; plot(data, style=point); Thanks...
Hello, Does anyone know how I can open/convert some (old?) Maple worksheets which have the extension .ms? I'm using Maple 10 now, and I just found these old files that I need to use. Thank you all in advance for any ideas or suggestions. FB
Hi, i'm new using Maple and the little bit I've seen has shocked me, i love the grafics and the fast it is, Now, i want to buy a Palm or a Pocket PC, but i wonder if there exist any version of maple that works with this operative sistem, if you know please answer my request hahaha, or if you know some other program that do the same as do the maple, but for a PDA, thanks a lot

I am a new Maple-user and i am experiencing a problem. When I type: restart;a:=sin(Pi/8);evalf(a,2) I get the wrong answer: 0.36! It should be: 0.38.

But when when I type: restart;a:=sin(Pi/8);evalf(a,3) I get 0.382, which is better but still not entriely correct: it should be 0.383.

What is going wrong?

Many thanks in advance,

I'm currently working on a school project, the issue is to find approximately the speed of a processor. I made a script which gives the time necessary to calculate a big factorial (10000! for instance). This time (gived by the function time()) is the total CPU time needed to calculate this factorial. But know, I need to know the total number of processor cycle per instruction (CPI) necessary to calculate the factorial. I explain : maybe you already know that the processor run by cycles which has a link with the frequency of the processor. If i can evaluate the number of processor cycle necessary to make a multiplication or the calculation of a factorial (even if this number is approximate) I would be able to find the speed of my processor.
Hi I have a problem. As you know the number of strings of length n, composed of k given elements is k^n. I want to list all this k^n strings. For example if the length is 3 (n=3) and elements are choosing from {0,1} we obtain: 000 001 010 011 100 101 110 111 Actually, for n=3 the solution is simple: B:=[0,1]: for i from 1 to nops(B) do for j from 1 to nops(B) do for k from 1 to nops(B) do print(B[i],B[j],B[k]); od: od: od; I need a code working for all n any idea? Emrah AKYAR Anadolu University Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics
ok back again ! can maple do elasticity ? and cross elasticity let say I have,like the other example I use all the time. d(pc,pt)=2000+1000pt-2Pc and s(pc)=23pc now how can I do the cross- elasticity?(or do I just say the elasticity) of d(pt,pc) against pt. knowing that pt=4 and that pc=2. thank you very much ! peace ! p.s. : if you need more info please do tell.
Hi, I am trying to find a solution to this following maximization problem: pi[a1]:=Q*log(t)*(e[q]) - ( P*(1/log(t))*(1/(1- (e[q])))) - log(y)*log(t)*(e[q]*s[q]+(1-e(q))*s[p]); maximize pi[a1] with respect to t and e[q]. I tried analytical method but it seems that there is no closed form solution. pi_a1[diffwrtp_t]:=(diff(pi[a1],t)); pi_a1[diffwrtp_eq]:=(diff(pi[a1],e[q])); solve({pi_a1[diffwrtp_t] =0, pi_a1[diffwrtp_eq]=0 },{t, e[q]}); Can someone please advice me how to solve the differential equation stated above so that I can find a relationship between t and e[q] and t and y.
Hello, I'm still a new user and I have been unable get MAPLE to print with a result that looks like the original MAPLE file. I know the solution is probably something simple but I can't figure out what it is. I have just uploaded 2 files; and GeorgePaper1.pdf. The latter is a file printout of the former. I'd sure appreciate it if someone could take a look at these 2 files and tell me what I'm doing wrong. -Thank you.
When using the Plotter element in a Maplet, one of the options is (copied from the help file): delay = posint The delay in milliseconds between frames. The default value for this option is 100. So far, if I set this above 1000, the animation will not play. 1000 works and anything below it. Does this mean I cannot have my animation play slower than one second intervals between frames? If this is the upper limit, does anyone have a suggestion for how to get around this? One thing I was thinking was using the Student[Calculus1][ApproximateInt] command (this is what I'm animating) with the partition value set at different intervals corresponding to a function, t, 2*t, 4*t, etc., just like the actual animation does. But I could have my plotter updated manually using a time delay function that Will gave me previously on here. That's a lot of extra code, though; delaying the plot speed even more would work much better.
Hi all,

I'm having a dickens of a time trying to get the following simple conditional statement to work:

> restart;
> p := 6;
> q := 8;
> delta := 4;

> if ((q>0) and (p<0))then print(Node)
elif (q<0)then print(Saddle)
elif((p=0) and (q>0))then print(Center)
else print(Spiral)
end if;

Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-FI : "'_Inert_DELAYBOOLEAN' is not a valid inert form"
Typesetting:-mambiguous(if ((qgt0)and(plt0))then printApplyFunction(Node)

After I compute the values of p,q,and delta I want a ptinted line to tell me the type of Critical Point I have. I am using Maple 10 Student with WIN XP Pro
Hello! I have two questions: 1) If I include the package \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} in the preamble of my latex file, I got an error. Is it possible to circumvent it? 2) When I'm writing Maple questions (\begin{question}{Maple}...), and when I use de edu translator I also got some errors. Any help? Thank you very much. Gaspar.
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