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I am a new user of Maple. Please tell me, why Maple can't sort : 1+sqrt(3) and 1-sqrt(3) ? Thankyou !
Im trying to author a maplet which executes numerical integration on a function for an interval. Here is what I have so far. This is a the part of the assignment that didn't require maplet format. (This part I got to work) restart; a:= 1; b := 3; f:=x->100/x^2*sin(10/x); L:=[];# which is list of lists ListOfEndPts:=[b]; found := false; MaxNoPasses:=70; tolerance:=1.0e-4; simpAB:=evalf(student[simpson](f(x),x=a..b,2));app:=0; for PassNo from 1 to MaxNoPasses while not found do print("**********************************************"); middle := (a+b)/2.0: print(`Pass number` = PassNo);
Hello Is there any possibility to check how long solve will need for a solution? I have to solve a littlebit complex equation set, so solve seems to need a little longer than usual. In my case I have tryed it for about 2 hours .. than I had to turn of my notebook. If it would be possible to check if solve would work for month, weeks, days or hours it would be a great help. us rene
Hi. I tried to solve some excersices but with this one I've got a little problem. I was asked to calculate the area of a circlesegment with radius R and midpointcorner 2*alpha. I have chosen the straigt side of the circlesegment to be parallel with the y axis.

I get these formulas in polarco├Ârdinates.

alpha R
/ /
| |
oppp := | | | r | dr dtheta
| |
/ /
Hi, I've solved a system of nonlinear equations by hand, but I'm not sure if my answer is correct. I would like to verify my results with maple's output. However, I am having some trouble using maple: Here's my code: > eq1:=2*(x*r) + 2*(y*s) + 2*(z*t)-(t^2) + (r^2)=0: > eq2:=3*(x*(r^2)) + 3*(y*(s^2)) + 3*(z*(t^2))-(t^3)+(r^3) =0: > eq3:=4*(x*(r^3)) + 4*(y*(s^3)) + 4*(z*(t^3))-(t^4)+(r^4)=0: > fsolve({eq1, eq2, eq3}); Error, (in fsolve) number of equations, 3, does not match number of variables, 6 where r, s, and t are coefficients/constants and x, y, and z are variables.
Hello all, I'm looking into visualizing/solving the Lotka-Volterra equations in Maple 10. In doing so I've run into a few problems: 1) When executing the following commands > odeqs:= {diff(N(t),t) = a*N(t) - b*N(t)*P(t), diff(P(t),t)=c*N(t)*P(t) - d*P(t)}: > # Growth rate of prey > a:= 3; > # Predatation rate > b:= 2; > # Growth of predators as a consequence of predation > c:= 1; > # Mortality rate of predators > d:= 1/2; > # Initial Conditions > initConds:=[N(0)=(5/3),P(0)=(10/9)]]; > > # Display number of prey as a function of time > DEplot(odeqs, [N(t),P(t)], t=0..100, N=0..7, P=0..7, initConds,
Is it possible to plot a parameterfunction in Maple? Something like: x:=t^2-1; y:=t^3-t
I use: min_v, max_v := rtable_scanblock (cc_matrix, [rtable_dims (cc_matrix)], 'Minimum', 'Maximum'); min_v, max_v := 0., 0.995879045499999948 and get a min and max value. My Question is how can I get the index of my max value from my Matrix cc_matrix?
Hi, I am trying to plot a chart where I have used textplot to define the x-axis. I only want the y-axis to show, but can't work out how... Any ideas?
I have a 2nd-order differential equation dEq and a set of initial conditions initC. I solved the equation by: soln := dsolve({dEq, initC}, numeric) the solution should be in the form r(theta) = blah blah Now I want to plot a graph of theta and r so I used with(plots); polarplot(soln, theta = 0 .. 2*Pi); which didn't work out!! I don't know what might be the problem. Please help thanks
Is it possible to plot a second-order differential equation without specifying the initial conditions?
Has anyone ever used Maple to help with winning at chess or checkers ? v/r, Dan
The Publisher of Discrete Math by Rosen has online resources containing Maple code to use for the class. I am getting errors when I try to run the code. I'm using Maple 10.04 Build ID 233114 Does anyone see what the problem is? Here is a portion of the code: View 2816_Code for Module on MapleNet or Download 2816_Code for Module
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I'm taking Discrete Math and we are supposed to use Maple to submit assignments. It did not seem to work for many examples given on McGraw Hill's online learning center. My first concern is how to load the rosenlib given at -------------------- The Maple Supplement This book is a supplement to Ken Rosens's text Discrete Mathematics and its Applications, Fifth edition. It's entire focus is on the computational aspects of the subject. To make use of the code found in this supplement you need to make use of a special library that has been developed to supplement Maple for this book.
Does anyone know how to type theta with a double dot on top of it as a second time derivative in maple 10?
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