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how do i incorporate an and clause for my if statement? like if a=1 and b<>3 then
i want to output text. if n=b then; n may not be completely factored end if; how do i do this?
Hi there everyone. I have recently been trying to plot fourier transforms. After taking the fourier transform of a particular function of the time domain for example a sinusoid. I get a sum of terms each with a translated Dirac function. When I try and plot the series of Dirac functions it doesnt work in the sense that there is nothing displayed. The plot initializes but there are no Dirac functions. Is there a way to plot Dirac Functions? thanks
Dear Maple Users, I have the following problem: How to find the best-fitted function P(x,y) = ax+by+cxy+d to the following data: i= 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 xi= 150, 152, 154, 156, 156, 157, 158, 158 yi= 134, 136, 106, 61, 90, 124, 41, 135 I know that in Maple functions that can solve interpolation and approximation problems with one variable are implemented. But how to solve the problem with two variables? Best regards, Wieslaw Kotarski
if i have a procedure that has a bunch of loops, but when i execute it seems to be taking a long time. is there a way to figure out which loop the procedure is 'stuck' in?
what's the does not command for a for loop? as in for i from 1 to 100 while i (does not) equal 5.
Hi to everybody I'm a new user of Maple How can I solve this system? > eq1:=1039.44*Diff(Diff(ck(r),r),r)+80960*Diff(ck(r),r)*Diff(p(r),r)+80960*ck(r)*Diff(Diff(p(r),r),r)=0; / 2 \ | d | / d \ / d \ eq1 := 1039.44 |---- ck(r)| + 80960 |--- ck(r)| |--- p(r)| | 2 | \ dr / \ dr / \ dr / / 2 \ | d | + 80960 ck(r) |---- p(r)| = 0
Is there a chat or instant message capability on this website ?
Can anyone discover the reason for the troubles i'm having with the last execution group ? I think the few ones above it are some previous attempts. it's the part that begins as >Cardioid := proc(S) local s; etc... > Warning, the name changecoords has been redefined >
i have this code: S := []; for i from 0 by 5 to 150 do S:=[op(S),[i,(i+3)^2 mod 7]]; end do; plot(S, style = point) i want to plot points connected by lines. how do i do this?
hi everyone , please help me to sort out this problem ... suppose i have a matrix 1 2 3 ? 2 ? 2 1 6 where ? are unknown values . what i want to do is to "Fill in the missing values by the respective attribute means. " How i will do it matlab? please help me as soon as possible ...
What's the difference between Arrays and Matrices, according to Maple10 ?
I have been experimenting with overloading existing Maple functions by creating an appropriate package, as described in the "overload" help. It works fine in general. I was hoping to change the definition of `abs` on type Vector to be sqrt(V . V) in this way, but the change does not work because `abs` already has an alternative definition on this datatype and it seems that built in functions take precedence over overload versions that one has added. Is there any way of achieving this? Grateful for any pointers.
Maple usually has white background and red font. How to set font black and background color in light grey? Should I use "Format"--"Styles"? But why each time when I build new file I lost the previous style setting?
weights in Statistics[NonlinearFit] within M10:

what does that do exactly - stupid me can not find from the help
saying "weights = Vector -- Provide weights for the data points"
Does that mean the points are weighted (i e the count multiple)
or does it do (fct(x_i) - approx(x_i) )^2 / weight_i or what?
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