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Hello everyone!

I'm not experienced user since I am new to maple, right now I am struggling with partial derivatives.

I want to derivative formula L over diff(x(t), t). Im using dot notation.


Variable diff(x(t), t) is hidden under the name predkosc_x but using this variable name instead of x(t) with a dot also is not working.


What am I doing wrong that I cant derivative over few varaibles?





Also when im trying it this way

I also fail


My name is Francisco Navarro. I have a problem when using diff and alias, together with seq or sum.

A very simplified worksheet of what I mean would be


alias(a1 = a1(r), a2 = a2(r), a3 = a3(r))

array1 := [a1, a2, a3]

array2 := [seq(cat(a, i), i = 1 .. 3)]

array1 - array2

This gives [0,0,0] so they are the same thing but, under differentiation, they do not behave the same way (so they are NOT exactly the same object for Maple)

diff(array1, r)

diff(array2, r)

which are different. Any idea of what is wrong with this?

I need to create long arrays with funcions that depend on several values and then differentiate those arrays. But clearly this approach does not work. Thank you for your answer.


Why is Maple 2020 in "" different from Maple 2020 in I am connecting to maple 2020 in two different ways to the school where I work. The schools name is, say, "abc". The first version of Maple 2020 has two arrows at the top. The second arrow is the "upload" arrow and allows me to upload a file from my home computer the my folder at school.
The second version of Maple 2020 has no such arrows. Both versions allow me to get my Maple cloud working for local loading and saving Maple files. How can I upload a Maple file to my Maple cloud from my home computer in the second Maple 2020 version in Or, how can I upload a file to my Maple cloud in any way from my home computer?
By the way, the second Maple 2020 version is coming from Microsoft's Remore Desktop Web Client. It look like it has its own navigation bar at the top.

Thank you!


I have a complicated expression which involves RootOf. How to get rid of and simpliy the equation?

I am looking for an expression for eta(H) not a numerical value.  


When a and b are from 0 to 1 it works!! but from -1 to -0.05 not i wonder why?

ode1 := diff( y(x), x$2 ) + x^(-1)* diff( y(x), x )  = 2*a1*(1+x^(2-alpha)/((2-alpha)^2*GAMMA(2-alpha))):
    bc1 := y(0)=subs(r=-0.05,a1/4*(r^2-1)), y(-1)=0:
N := 20:h := (b-a)/N:
X := k -> a+k*h: 
'X'[k] = X(k):
Yp  := k -> (y[k+1]-y[k-1])/2/((1+alpha)*GAMMA(1+alpha)*h^(alpha)):Ypp := k -> (y[k+1]-2*y[k]+y[k-1])/((2-alpha)*GAMMA(2-alpha)*(h^(2-alpha))^2):
for k from 1 to N-1 do
eq[k] := eval( ode1,
                    {x=X(k), y(x)=y[k],
                     diff(y(x),x$2)=Ypp(k)} ):
    end do:

eq[0] := y[0] = rhs(bc1[1]):
eq[N] := y[N] = rhs(bc1[2]):
    fd_sol1 := fsolve( {seq( eq[k], k=0..N )}, {seq( y[k], k=0..N )} ):
fd_table1 := eval( seq([X(k),y[k]],k=0..N), fd_sol1 ):Matrix([fd_table1]):
infolevel[dsolve] := 3:
#exact_sol1 := combine(dsolve( { ode1, bc1 }, y(x) )):
infolevel[dsolve] := 0:

P1:=plot([fd_table1], x=a..b,color=[black], linestyle = solid, symbolsize=16,axes=boxed);


I defined x(t) and y(t) with units; motion in gravity, motion in y-direction with constant velocity, motion in x-direction as motion with constant acceleration.

x := t -> 10*Unit(('m')/'s'^2)*t^2;

y := t -> 50*Unit(('m')/('s'))*t;

plot([x(t), y(t), t = 0*Unit('s') .. 5*Unit('s')]);

Error, (in plot) invalid terms in product: 0 .. 5*Units:-Unit(s)

It works fine if I remove the units.

Also I can plot graph for x(t) and for y(t) with units, but not graph for [x(t), y(t)]

How to solve the Linear first-order partial differential equation by the Lagrange method. Suppose u and v are dependent variables and x,y,z are independent variables of a partial differential equation of the form:

dx/f(x,y,z)=dy/g(x,y,z)=dz/h(x,y,z)=du/k(x,y,z)=dv/s(x,y,z). I need its solution in the form of u and v . How to find it ?


Any form to display





of course, for 

Thanks in advance,

César Lozada


It is said that the LaTeX export of maple2021 has been improved , but unfortunately I still encounter the following problems.

When I execute the following related graph theory code,

s1:=[NonIsomorphicGraphs(4,restrictto = connected,output=graphs,outputform=graph)]:
DrawGraph(s1,width=4,stylesheet = [vertexcolor = "Blue",vertexpadding=20])


It is strange that all graphs(.eps) are not produced in  corresponding folder  when I exported it as latex file . So it leads to the lack of graphs in the running results of latex.

If it is a single graph, there seems to be no problem.

s1:=[NonIsomorphicGraphs(4,restrictto = connected,output=graphs,outputform=graph)]:
s1[1],width=4,stylesheet = [vertexcolor = "Blue",vertexpadding=20])








I am looking to have Maple compute the following:

simplify(diff(diff(Sum(epsilon^k*apply(index(f, k), t)/k!, k = 1 .. infinity), t), epsilon, epsilon))

The return value is:


Is there any way to get this to simplify appropriately? The problem is with the case k=1, which should just be 0.

What is the best way to expand this if I want to see some of the first few terms?


I'm trying out the simple Java example for accessing OpenMaple.  I'm doing it in IntelliJ using JDK15.  I've included the two jar files in the project, externalcall.jar and Maple.jar.  When compiling I run into this error, as IntelliJ doesn't seem to be able to find jopenmaple.jar

Error loading libraries: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jopenmaple in java.library.path: /Users/jasmith/Library/Java/Extensions:/Library/Java/Extensions:/Network/Library/Java/Extensions:/System/Library/Java/Extensions:/usr/lib/java:.

Now, I'd like to add its location to the library path, but I can't seem to find its location.  My understanding is that is should be in $MAPLE/java/jopenmaple.jar

which, on Mac OS is "/Library/Frameworks/Maple.framework/Versions/2021"

But when I look in there there is no jopenmaple.jar.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I could find it?  (Maple 2021, IntelliJ 2020 with JDK 15 on macOS 10.14)



Hi all, 

When I open up Maple the toolbar which says insert: 'Math, Text etc' has disappeared. However sometimes when I restart the program the tool bar re-appears again. I have attached a screenshot have a look. I want to know is anyone else experiencing this in Maple 2021? 



I need to plot a simple cube like this

I think my code is not optimal


Some special graphs are temporarily difficult to be generated by maple's function NonIsomorphicGraphsSo I want to read some such data from the following URL.

But recently I found out that the data on this website has been changed. Different graphs are not on a single line, so I can’t read them by maple effectively. The previous method fails.

restart: with(GraphTheory):
L:=ImportGraph("yourpath/graph5c.g6", graph6, output=list):


For example: all 41 Strongly regular graphs(19,14,6,7).The g6 file is converted into text format, as shown below




I don’t know how to select some graphs from them , so helpless.

First 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 Last Page 253 of 2263