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Why Maple can not calculate this definite integral? - MaplePrimes
Dec 23, 2016 ... As you see above, when I want to evaluate the definite integral, Maple can not
provide the desired result. Why does this happen? How can I do ...

Why do certain definite integrals make MAPLE gag? - MaplePrimes
Dec 6, 2006 ... I wonder if someone out there would help me understand the inner workings of
MAPLE as indicated by the following: MAPLE has no trouble ...

Problem with units in definite integral - MaplePrimes
Mar 2, 2014 ... I want to use variable (red marked) with unit definite integrals but it doesn't work. I
put the file with units and file without units (to check correct ...

Definite integral with parameters - MaplePrimes
Dec 1, 2018 ... Hi,. I am trying to compute the following integral: int(a*b*c/sqrt((x-a)^2 + (y-b)^2 +
(z-c)^2), [a=-1..1, b=-1..1, c=-1..1]). where x, y, z are Real ...

Incorrect calculation of definite integral - MaplePrimes
Aug 8, 2016 ... Quite accidentally I discovered incorrect calculation of the simple definite integral:
int(1/(x^4+4), x=0..1);. evalf(%);.

discretization a definite integral (using fft?) - MaplePrimes
Apr 28, 2013 ... I have a nasty definite integral to evaluate. I need to integrate w.r.t X[2] and leave
the integrated expression as a function of X[1].

Definite Double Integral = Definite Integral - MaplePrimes
Feb 2, 2008 ... On page 99 of Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula, Nahin says that: int(int(`f`(s), s = 0 .. t
), t = 0 .. x) = int(`f`(s)*(x-s), s = 0 .. x). is true and I believe it, ...

Discontinuous antiderivatives - MaplePrimes
Nov 30, 2006 ... This answer can be used for evaluating of definite integrals only on intervals
without discontinuities, in all other cases it is useless, because the ...

How to calculate a definite integral by the method of rectangles and ...
Apr 11, 2018 ... Above in the figure, the trapezoid method. How to fix the error? And how to solve
this interval using the method of rectangles?

Evaluate definite integral with infinite sum - MaplePrimes
Oct 22, 2018 ... Hi. I am trying to evaluate a function that contains an infinite sum. I need to
evaluate the integral to determine a CDF, and from that hopefully the ...

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