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Let A and B be regions in space defined through f(x,y,z) > 0 and g(x,y,z) > 0, respectively.  How does one plot the surface of the object A ∩ B in Maple?

In Mathematica there is a command RegionPlot3D for that.  See sample here.  Perhaps there is an equivalent one in Maple that I don't know of.

I would like to look at a 3d plot including an condition about the tree variables of the plot

For this simple case, I only want to see the plot with the condition that 
{40 < y, x < y-40, z < y-40} or {x = 0, y = 40, z <= 0}, {y = x+40, 0 < x, z < x}, {y = x+40, z = x, 0 < x}

. Is that possible? 

In 2d there is no problem. And in 3d I do not know how.

I have a task. Draw a cylinder of a certain diameter and length. And there is a table of values with points inside this cylinder. How to display the points inside the cylinder (the table of values has 3 parameters - angle (sin (a)), radius (R), length?

I'm doing a Maximum/Minimum problem ( Calculus 3).

I need to plot f(x,y) =   x2  + y 2 -2y + 1

over R={x,y): x 2 + y 2         (less than or equal sign) 4}

I am using matrices to input data in order to plot it on a surface plot. Is it then possible to export an animation of this graph rotating around an axis?

My matrix is 40 x 3 Matrix


Thanks :)


I am exporting Maple 3d graphics to eps file with Maple 17 and Maple 2015 under Mac OS. For instance, the result of plot3d(x*y,x=0..1,y=0..1); I cannot open the resulting eps file neither with Adobe software or Apple's First View. On the contrary, I can open the eps files with Maple 18. I hope you can help me.

Best wishes


Parametric equation of a circle in 3d by three points. Draghilev method.


I'm currently using Maple 17 and I'm trying to programatically export .eps 3D plots using the following code:

plotsetup(eps, plotoutput = `square_of_x`, plotoptions = `color=rgb , portrait, noborder, height=4in,width=4in, shrinkby=0.1`)

The problem that I'm facing is:

1- The z-axis label is outside of my figure (see uploaded figure). This happens even if I try to save the figure in .png and it seems that the 'shrinkby' option its not working properly;

Could you help me solving this?



I uploaded this file to the Maple Cloud. One a 3d animation and one just a 3d plot. When I open the file in the Maple Cloud from my browser,  I cannot rotate either plot with the mouse. Is there a way to change the worksheets so rotation from the browser will be possible?

How do i generate 4d plot of f(x,y,z)=1 is it possible made it in 3d?

i would like to plot a cube with the color given by a 3 variables functions (a way to plot in R^4)

in this way the cube is the domain of the functions, its color is the value of the function, i would like to put in evidence the max min of such function

but the command that i tried to use does not work:

plots[display](plotools([cuboid]([0,0,0],[1,1,1]),trasparency=.7,colorscheme["xyzcoloring",proc(x,y,z) option operator , arrow; x^2 + y^2 - z^2 end(proc)])

thanks for your help, anna rita

plz help! How to draw the three-dimensional graphics (p(x,t))? When I run,it can not run.I do not know where the problem lies.The code is as follows:

with(PDEtools); with(student); KN := 3;
C2 := 1/.3; C1 := 0.6e-2/(.3); C3 := 4.3/(.3); beta := 0.43e-1;
ADM1 := proc (n) options operator, arrow; convert(subs(lambda = 0, value((Diff(F(Sum(lambda^i*U[i], i = 0 .. n)), `$`(lambda, n)))/factorial(n))), diff) end proc; A0[0] := F(U[0]);
for n to KN do A0[n] := ADM1(n) end do;
for n from 0 to KN do A[n] := unapply(simplify(convert(C1*(diff(subs({seq(U[i] = p[i](x, t), i = 0 .. KN)}, expand(subs(F(U[0]) = U[0]*exp(U[0]), A0[n]))), t)), diff)+C2*convert(subs({seq(U[i] = Diff(p[i](x, t), x), i = 0 .. KN)}, expand(subs(F(U[0]) = U[0]^2, A0[n]))), diff)), x, t) end do;
p[0] := proc (x, t) options operator, arrow; .2*sin((1/2)*Pi*x)*exp((-1/4)*t*Pi*Pi/C1) end proc;
p[1] := proc (x, t) options operator, arrow; (-(int(subs(t = s, C3*(diff(p[0](x, t), x))), s = 0 .. t))+int(subs(t = s, A[0](x, t)), s = 0 .. t))/beta end proc;
p[2] := proc (x, t) options operator, arrow; -(int(subs(t = s, C3*(diff(p[1](x, t), x))), s = 0 .. t))+int(subs(t = s, A[1](x, t)), s = 0 .. t) end proc;
p := unapply(subs(x = Zeta, t = tau, p[0](x, t)+p[1](x, t)+p[2](x, t)), Zeta, tau);

I have two deformed planes, that i would like to draw with 3dplot, as well as drawing a curve marking their intersection.

the curves are given by the expressions:

C = -(k[d2]*B[2]+I*k[m]+k[d1]*B[1])/((B[1]+B[2]-R)*k[a1]+(B[1]+B[2]-R)*k[a2]-k[m]),

C = k[d1]*B[1]/(k[a1]*(R-B[1]-B[2]))


evaluated at

Pars := [k[a1] = 6*10^(-4), k[d1] = 7*10^(-3), k[a2] = 5*10^(-4), k[d2] = 10^(-2), R = .5, k[m] = 10^(-4), C[T] = 100, h = 10^(-6)]

with the variables B[1],B[2] and C within the bounds [0..0.5],[0..0.5],[0..100].


My method was to try and use solve to find a formula for the intersection curve- but i couldn't get 3dplot to plot it!

Hi Everyone!

I want to import a maple 3D Diagram to TecPlot or Excel.

The diagram is a function of x & y.

I couldn't find any soloution to export a 3D diagram in Maple.

Any solution???




i would like to plot a graph in R^3 of a function f(n,t), where n is integer and t is real. For every t i would like to have a sequence of points. Is it possible?

thanks, anna rita 

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