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I have been trying to create a code to solve a structure by using FEM, but I keep getting an error that stops me from moving on.


Everytime I run my code, Maple gives me the error in the Title of my question:
"Error, number of indices exceeds rank"


Unfortunately I can't find any help in Maplesoft support for such error, and I need immediate help for that.

Can someone help me with that? Should I post my entire code?


I am using Maple to model Gaussian Wave Packets and the do loop creates an array of plots. I want to animate these plots to show the movement of the wave packet and was wondering if there is a way to animate the array or perhaps another way to produce the animation. 

Given a list L of n^2 integers, I can fill an nxn matrix through Matrix(n,n,L).  for instance:
n := 4:
L := [$1..n^2]:
A := Matrix(n,n, L);

I don't know how to do this with a 0-based Array.  I wished that as in the case of the Matrix, the command
B := Array(0..n-1, 0..n-1, L);
would assign B[0,0]=1, B[0,1]=2, ..., B[3,3]=16, but it doesn't.

I know how to fill B's entries through doubly nested for-loops but I suspect that there might be a clever way of doing that. If so, then please show me how.