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Vectors are defined by a lenth and an angle.

The arrow command wants me to give it a starting point and an endpoint in coordinates, for example:



gu := arrow([5, 10], [15, 20], .2, .4, .1, color = green)

I'm dealing with vectors from electrical circuits, so the information I have would be the lenth of the vector, and an angle given in degrees (which I could convert to radians if needed for the plot).

The goal is to plot all the vectors in the circuit on the same display so that it can be seen how they are in relation to each other, and to visualise the solution. This means I would need to find out the endpoint of the arrows to start the next arrow at that location with its angle in reference to the same axis. Does it make sence? I'm not sure about the wording of this.

Here's a picture of a calculated vector lenth and angle:

So, the -45 degrees would need to be in reference to the y-axis for example, then the next vector can be placed at lets say perpendicular in reference to the vector sol_1, starting at its endpoint.

The only other way I have to draw this, excluding doing it by hand, is using the object tools from microsoft word, and to be honset I dislike using word for math stuff. I would much rather learn the syntax for Maple to do this.


I hope someone knows what I mean, Please ask if somethig is unclear,








Hello everyone,

I want to inseret a text arrow in the graph obtained by plot command to show increasing or decreasing trends of the graph, but I could not find any option to insert the textarrow or textbox in the graph. 

Thanks in advance.

So this is my minimal working code. Everything works, but I cannot get the arrow size fixed you can see the animation propperly. Adding wid=1/2 gives an error message.

I have a nice procedure that is as follows, that explores the behaviour of a mapping in R^2.

InversePoincare := proc (v) options operator, arrow; v*Norm(v, 2)/(1-Norm(v, 2)^2) end proc

SphereVectorPlot := proc (T, radius, radiusIncrements, angleIncrements, lengthParam)
local listOfPairs;
listOfPairs := {seq(seq([[radius*r*cos(2*angle*Pi/angleIncrements)/radiusIncrements, radius*r*sin(2*angle*Pi/angleIncrements)/radiusIncrements], T(InversePoincare(`<,>`(radius*r*cos(2*angle*Pi/angleIncrements)/radiusIncrements, radius*r*sin(2*angle*Pi/angleIncrements)/radiusIncrements)))-InversePoincare(`<,>`(radius*r*cos(2*angle*Pi/angleIncrements)/radiusIncrements, radius*r*sin(2*angle*Pi/angleIncrements)/radiusIncrements))], r = 0 .. radiusIncrements), angle = 0 .. angleIncrements)};
if lengthParam = false then
 return arrow(listOfPairs, scaling = constrained, shape = arrow)
 return arrow(listOfPairs, length = lengthParam, scaling = constrained, shape = arrow)
end if
end proc

Essentially, we plot vectors v at location u. Since the vectors v in general vary wildly in magnitude, I would like to visualize the magnitude change by using color and/or transparency, preferably the latter. Is it possible to do so, and if so, how?

I'd like to plot the differences between terms in a sequence of vectors. Each difference term should start at the end of the last difference term, so that if I was to plot the actual term, the vector would meet at the end of the difference term. The sequence is limited in length and stored as a list.


Suppose I have  [<1,1>,<2,2>,<3,3>]. The difference terms would thus be [<1,1>,<1,1>,<1,1>]. The first difference term would be plotted be plotted from <0,0>, the second starting at <1,1>, the third at <2,2>.

I can compute the difference terms, but I am not sure how to make the plot I desire. Is arrow(...) the answer, somehow?

Hi, how would you add arrowheads to the x and y-axis to show that they continue.


I have a function related to some values and I want to include the value in the title.  So I initially try ...

plot(sine(1, 2, 0, t), t = 0 .. 1, title = cat(freq, " sine wave cycles"))

but once I use the value in the function it is not remembered, sort of like a subs operation.  A placeholder is the simplest way.

plot(sine(1, a, 0, t), t = 0 .. 1, title = cat(a, " sine wave cycles"))

I have an animated spacecurve with arrow:


p4:=animate(arrow,[<cos(tend),sin(tend),0.9 tend>,<-cos(tend),-sin(tend),0>,color=red],tend=0..50,axes=boxed,frames=150);

I succeed in putting text at basis of arrow:

l3:=animate(textplot3d,[[cos(tend),sin(tend), 0.9 tend, 'basis'],color=black,align={BELOW},font=[TIMES,ROMAN,14]],tend=0..50,frames=150);

I like tot put text at the end of the arrow. This is my 'progress':

Is there a way to type commands in Maple to attach arrows to the graphs without using the plot functionality that is built-in? My professor is asking me to plot a graph and then attach arrows to it. 

There is a flaw (bug) in the DEplot routine.  If you load the plottools package before using DEplot with the arrows=line option, the DEplot routine tries to use the line definition from the plottools package.  A worksheet illustrating this problem is below.

I am displaying in 2D, multiple arrows with amplitudes oscillating sinusoidally.  I wish each arrow to have its own color. I have included the commands I am using. Please provide the command that will provide the colors. Thanks.



Need to do in maple smth like that:

I saw an image yesterday of some math done similar to how one can write on paper, with each new reformulation shown on the next line, with a down-arrow between each such line. In other words, operations and output moving down the sheet rather than along it to the right.

The first thing that came to mind was: can this be done in Maple with context-menus?

Here is an attempt,



I am having a strange experience with the arrow command.   In the attached worksheet, one can see that plot structures h, i & j and l, m & n are both doing the essentially the same thing:   A vertical line is to be drawn and arrows pointing up and down from the two endpoints are to be added.  The arrows are all of the...

My contour of integration is a semi circle whose diameter rests on the imaginary axis from -ri to ri.  The arc of radius r is on the positive real axis going from -ri to ri.  On the curve I want to have directional arrows indicating that I am traversing this contour in the positive direction.  How do I create this figure in MAPLE?

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