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Hello, I'd like to generate some data from an audio file, like get the amplitude and the time, so that I can plot it with x = time and y = amplitude, do you know how to do that ?

Hello there, my first time posting in this forum and using Maple, so sorry if I make some mistakes.

I'm trying to read a wav audio file, but there's this weird error that I can't understand : 


[Audio, Clip, Convolution, Create, Duration, Extract, FormatFromName, Formats, Modulate, Normalize, Play, Preview, Read, Record, Resample, Scale, ToMono, ToStereo, Write]

audio := Read("C:\\Users\\Simon\\Desktop\\Test\\440.wav");

Error, (in readbytes) WAVE Error: unexpected end of file

Do you know what it can mean ? I'm sure it's a wave file, so I don't really get it

I'd like to pay attention to an application "Interaural Time Delay" by Samir Khan. His applications are interesting, based on  real data, and  mathematically accurate. Here is its introduction:

"Humans locate the origin of a sound with several cues. One technique employs the small difference in the time taken for the sound to reach either ear; this is known as the interaural time delay (ITD). This application modifies a single-channel audio file so that the sound appears to originate at an angle from the observer. It does this by introducing an extra channel of sound. Despite both channels having the same amplitude, the sound appears to come from an angle simply by delaying one channel".

In the application example SignalGeneration, I click on the button "Play Waveform" and get the message "This option is only available on the Windows platform. Your platform is X86 64 WINDOWS". Does it really mean that I won't be able to play audio file in windows 7 64? If not, how can I solve this problem ?

Thank you!



I suppose this should belong in a blog or a post but it's more of a question because I don't present anything, but I merely pose an interesting question and wondered if anyone was up to the challenge.  This is also related to Deconstructiong a wave

Recently I read an interesting...

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