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I started to notice strange things happening to Maple help pages lately when I google something. I think someone is changing them from inside Maplesoft? Now they look hard to read since I see text below another text and also can't copy it to retype it in my notebook since the syntax is not even valid. Here is a screen shot


I thought at first my browser was playing games on me. But I tried it with firefox and Chrome and after refreshing, and the pages still look mangled like the above.

Since I find it hard to believe someone at Maplesoft will make help pages like the above on purpose, where text falls below the line and it not even possible to interpret it when one wants to copy it, since the syntax is not even valid Maple syntax, I would have to imagine there is a bug somewhere inthe help pages generation.  But if so, someone must have seen it before me. I can't be the only person in the world who is googling Maple help.

This is why I am asking.

Is everyone seeing the same thing I am seeing? I am on windows 7, using Latest browsers.

Dear Maple users

Sometimes I would like to place certain Maple content on my website, for example making it possible for the user to rotate 3d objects (created in Maple) directly on the webpage, in the browser. I did that on one of my own webpages, written in Danish though:

If you scroll to the Catenoid shape, almost at the bottom of the page, one should be able to click this object to have a Javaapplett started. I made this years ago with the help of the great tools created by Konrad Polthier:

It wasn't easy, but I made it work. Things have changed since that time, however. Java is more and more "in bad standing". I was blocked when I tried opening it because of security. Banks is looking for alternatives, also because of security. And the mostly used browser now, Chrome, has stopped supporting it.

Now my question: Is there an alternative? Will HTML5 make it possible to make some kind of "Maple plugin" for Interactive Maple objects to be placed on webpages and interacted with in a Webbrowsers?



My attempt to export array data using the Browse>Export option when looking at the data fails to work as needed.

The exported data always start in cell A1 of the Excel worksheet even a different starting cell is entered into the Matrix Browser export window.

In summary, my experience is that the Matrix Browser matrix export in Maple 16 and Maple 17 ignores the information about the intended starting destination cell in the Excel file.

Does anyone find that the Matrix Browser exports to a starting Microsoft Excel cell other than A1? 

This exporting with Matrix Browser worked find in Maple 15.  It has been broken in Maple 16 and 17, including Maple 17.02.



First,a Maple file is exported as the html file,but it took too much time to load the applet(com.maplesoft.applets.MathMLViewer)to display the mathematical symbols,such as the symbols of integral and differential,as shown in Figs.1 and 2.How to accelerate
loading rate of Java applet?
Second,the problem will occur in the browsers of IE and firefox that the equation is incomplete display as shown in Figs3.Is there a method can handle the problem?
The last,using the...

Recently I've run into a strange problem logging into the MaplePrimes site.  I have two computers, both running Debian linux.  On one, I can login in using the FireFox browser.  On the other I cannot.  It accepts the password, but immediately reopens the window that prompts for a password.  If, however, I switch to the chrome browser on that machine, I can then login.  Any idea why Firefox (aka IceWeasel, on Debian) would have an issue?  Have I configured something strangely?...

this is a link:

The Standard GUI has an option (Tools -> Options -> General -> Browser) for configuring an installed web browser.  The GUI uses that for its own purposes (for example, clicking on an error message opens the browser at a related Maplesoft site).  Is it possible for the user to access the configured web browser from within Maple, using Maple code?

Three things - one being an possible business opportunity (albeit a small one) for Maplesoft ... ps. sorry for the lengthy talk

updates - Under the Table of Contents in the help Browser I can go to System -> Information -> Updates and find the What's New updates in all versions up to and including the one you're using.  Then at the bottom there are links to further explicit updates to which there are no links in the searchable browser (at least that I could...

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