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The command

f := -.1*(x+3)*(x-1)*(x-3.5):


produces different results in Maple 13 and Maple 16.02.

In particular, the concavity=[] option seems to be ignored in 16.

Also, it may be my imagination, but execution seems slower in 16, but I didn't try timing it.

My apologies, if this has already been noted.


So far, my math group has the entire roller coaster plotted using spacecurves on a 3D plot on Maple. The only issues is now we need to take the derivative between the different sections we created in order for there to be no corners or spaces; basically to make sure the "coaster" runs smoothly.

We get how to do it on paper but we're running into some difficulty doing it on Maple. My question is, how the heck do we do what I just said we wanted to do.

Can somebody, please, try this command in Maple 16 (or at best Maple 16.02)?


In Maple 15 I get the graph in about 1s, however in Maple 16.02 it loads about 20s and it is even not as perfect as is in Maple 15. Furthermore, when I try to evaluate


it says that it lasted only 1-2s. There is some problem...

Find the derivative of f(x)=|(x^3)-8*(x^2)+5*x+4|-0.5*x;x in [-1,7]

Find critical points of f(x) and dertimine the local maxima and local minima.

Output: Two lists of points (x,y), a list of local minima and a list of local maxima.

Hint: you may use Maple package Student[Calculus1]]

     use first derivative test to avoid 'kink' point i.e. undifferentiable point

     set delta=0.0001, test derivative around critical point x+delta and x-delta...



I am quite new to Maple and require some help on vector calculus. I have a differential operator in matrix form C that has to be applied to a column vector B.

C = [d/dx   0    d/dy]

      [0     d/dy  d/dx]  


B = [

I have been unable to get Maple Player to perform as I thought it would.  Actually I can only get it to work with the default functions.  Anytime I type in a function I get the following error message: "There was an error trying to generate the plot." or "There was an error during the differentiation of the input function." or "The input value "x


+4x+2" should be an algebraic expression." or "There was an error during the execution of finding the root."


I'm trying to solve this trigonometric equation:

e := 4·cos(t)+2·cos(2·t)=0. In the interval 0..2·Pi

However when i try: 

solve([e, 0 <= t <= 2 Pi], t, AllSolutions, explicit)

I won't give my a straight answer.

I have also given Student:-Calculus1:-Roots a try:

Student:-Calculus1:-Roots(e, t=0..2·Pi)

But it will only give me an answer when i use the numeric...

if you put these integrals into Tool...Tutors...Calculus SV ....Integration methods, you get simpler "nicer" answers than when you integrate them directly in a worksheet (even after simplification).

why the difference?



I am trying to simplify the expression s as given below. (I am not sure why it comes up with all the vector caclulus notation in it but it should display okay when you enter it)

Because of the presence of the exponential imaginary fucntions I thought evalc might be useful but when I use it I get a huge expression with csgn appearing in it. To my knowledge csgn appears when assumptions are not correctly specified - is this so? I can't see any assumption...

I want to make a numerical approximation of the number Pi to a defect that is not more than 0.0001


I was thinking about how I have used Maple for making animations. Thinking about it, I remembered an animation that I made to motivate the students of a calculus course. With this animation, I was searching to show the students the power of Maple.

I would like to see other animations for getting new and interesting ideas to show the students.

If you want to upload some animations, we could do a funny post with many animations.

This is for a calculus lab.  I need to show my students how to do this with Maple.


int(int(int(VectorCalculus[`*`](VectorCalculus[`+`](r^2, VectorCalculus[`*`](r, cos(theta))), r), z = 0 .. sqrt(VectorCalculus[`+`](a^2, VectorCalculus[`-`](r^2)))), r = 0 .. a), theta = 0 .. VectorCalculus[`*`](2, Pi))

It only does the inner integral and gives  ...


                                             ans := (x+1)^2-1

ans1:=CompleteSquare(x^4+2*x^2, x^2)

Error, (in Student:-Precalculus:-CompleteSquare) arguments after the 1st should be a name, function, or a list or set of names or functions...

why won't VectorCalculus[Jacobian] accept vectors?

... to prevent me from frying my system? or is it an unnecessary restriction?

Here's what I mean:
Fvec := Vector([x[1]*x[2],3*x[3]]);
Xvec := Vector([x[1],x[2]]);
Flst := [x[1]*x[2],3*x[3]];
Xlst := [x[1],x[2]];

Error, invalid input: too many and/or wrong type...
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