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This is for Spanish speakers only. Not related to Maple, but related to Math. The Spanish newspaper El Pais has a series of videos on various math problems, together with solutions (posted later), it's set up as a sort of competition but just watching is (usually) great fun. You can access the full archive online.

You probably don't need to know much Spanish to follow the problems. Much is illustrated in writing on a black or white board. If you don't speak any Spanish...

I will use this post for a list of conclusions drawn from MRB constant N and the many similar approximations that I have found. 

Let x= MRB Constant.   Each approximation is followed by a maple input so you can verify these approximations. 

While reviewing code the other day, I came across the following snippet (here converted to a procedure).

Ds := proc(V::set, n::posint, t)
local i,v;
    {seq(seq((D@@i)(v)(t), i=1..n), v in V)};
end proc:

The purpose of this is to generate a set of derivatives at a point of a set of unassigned names. For example


Here is a challenge: reproduce this Mathematica notebook in Maple - without cheating, naturally.

I think I'm jealous.  But I'd love to be shown wrong and have someone do up a Maple 14 document which does everything that that notebook does, only better.

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