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Hi, here a maple newbie... I'm trying to obtain de coordinates of the "double points" of a planar Lissajous curve, but I have no idea how =S.

m that i guess is genus,

but if i do not know genus number, how can i calculate with genus function

genus(y^m-(x...., x, y);

when i change m only the genus number is also changing

is my function wrong?

can i use this as a verification?

if m i set is 3 and then genus(...) result is 3

if result is equal to input 3, then it is correct function?

in real practice, 

what is application of the cycles in algcurves[homology] ?

is there any book teaching about the use of this function in maple?

I had a single variable equation but I do not know where variable y come from for using genus to run

Hi, does anyone know how to plot a Bode diagram (phase and amplitude plot)? I am not looking for preparation of data but rather for the technicality of producing a plot that looks like I want, given I have data in the right form (which in my case are three Vectors: frequency, amplitude and phase).

Below is a rough sketch of what I am looking for. Note that the amplitude is on a log scale. It would be acceptable having to take the log of the data "by hand" to allow both vertical scales to be linear (I'd just convert the amplitudes to dB). The important things are the common frequency scale (horizontal) and the separation of amplitude and phase. I know plots has  dualaxisplot, and I know I can use plots:-transform to move a curve around, but I want the two axes on the left side, below each other, rather on the left and right. I'd like the frequency scale in the middle between the two curves, although I could settle on that scale to be below both curves.

I had some look around the Maple applications but did not find anything looking like this.


Mac Dude

Hello I am a Maple 15 user and I am using the command fsolve to solve for the intersection of two curves over a specified interval in x, namely from 0 to the lim defined in the Maple document. The specified interval contains asymptotes and when I specify the full interval only one of the three solutions is returned even if I can see that there are three distinct solutions by looking at the plot of RHS and LHS. Should I use another technique to find the solution or is my implementation of fsolve command wrong?

Thanks in advance



n1 := 1:

n2 := 1.50:

n3 := 1.40:

lambda := 1.3:

k0 := 2*Pi/lambda:

d := 3:

x0 := k0*d:

arg1 := sqrt(x0^2*(n2^2-n1^2)):

arg2 := sqrt(x0^2*(n2^2-n3^2)):

lim := FindMinimalElement([arg1, arg2]):

sqr1 := sqrt(x0^2*(n2^2-n1^2)-x^2):

sqr2 := sqrt(x0^2*(n2^2-n3^2)-x^2):

LHS := tan(x):

RHS := (sqr1+sqr2)/(x*(1-sqr1*sqr2/x^2)):

plot([LHS, RHS], x = 0 .. lim, y = -6 .. 6)


fsolve(RHS = LHS, x = (1/2)*Pi .. 3*Pi*(1/2))



fsolve(RHS = LHS, x = 3*Pi*(1/2) .. 9*Pi*(1/4))



fsolve(RHS = LHS, x = 9*Pi*(1/4) .. lim)





Hi, guys and happy eastern to all! :)

I have a realy big problem. I have to do beziercurves in 3d plots.

I can´t plot it in 3d, something wrong with the plot (complex). Can anybody pls help me?! It´s very important to me, thanks! :)

"Circular segment" is the unfortunate but standard term for the region between a chord and an arc of a circle sharing the same endpoints (see  I say "unfortunate" because the phrase suggests a line segment when it actually means a planar region.

I would like to plot a shaded circular segment using Maple17.  I want the endpoints of the chord & arc to be anything I please, so the chord is not necessarily horizontal, or vertical, or the diameter of the circle, etc.

At the URL

there is an image containing a shaded circular segment, but I don't see what code produced the image.  The image there includes a horizontal chord, and I don't know if the code used to produce that image can be adapted for chords that are not horizontal.

If I have to, I can plot a shaded polygon with a huge number of sides that is indistinguishable from a circular segment.  I have plotted polygons before.  But it would obviously be preferable to plot a shaded circular segment.

If there a way to plot two curves of the form r = f(theta) and shade the region between them?  This would be better than the huge-polygon approach, but not as good as a simple command for plotting a shaded circular segment, if such a command exists.

Hi, I am trying to plot these two curves:

I tried:

with(plots);  A := Array(1..2)  A[1] :=plot (0.199563349672261+0.0178636902277546 x^1.14406289706794-0.0182070811144750 x^(1.13867380551454),x=50..2050,  color=red);  A[2]  := plot(0.298910542599302+0.0117459591500434 x^1.00390277106937-0.0137065176395662 x^0.970667551759677, x = 50..2050, color = blue);  display (A);

and I got:

Error, (in plot) unexpected option: .298910542599302+0.117459591500434e-1*x^1.00390277106937-0.137065176395662e-1*x^.970667551759677

so I tried

so I am not sure how I would graph these two functions...

eqt := y^5+y^4 + -0.5109*y^3 + -0.0595*y^2 + 0.0000-(-3.1086e-015*u^4 + u^3 + -0.5109*u^2 + -0.0595*u) = 0;

solve({eqt, y=m*t+c, u=n*t+d}, {y, u}, 'parametric');


solve({y^5+y^4 + -0.5109*y^3 + -0.0595*y^2 + 0.0000-(-3.1086e-015*u^4 + u^3 + -0.5109*u^2 + -0.0595*u) = 0, u=t}, [x,y]);


solve(eqt, [y(t), u(t)])

algcurves[parametrization](eqt, y, u, t);


all trials i failed



f := y^2 - x^3  - x^2 =0;

c := simplify(subs(x=x1/x0, subs(y=x2/x0, f)));

c := -x2^3+x1^3+x0*x1^2;

parametrization(c, x0, x1, x2, u, v);


how to make

x0 = a0*u + b0*v

x1 = a1*u + b1*v

x2 = a2*u + b2*v


OK, I want to plot 10-15 curves on the same coordinate system P. I generate and put the equations of said curves in an array with a procedure, but when plotting the array, I receive an array of plots, instead of the 10 curves on one coordinate system. Any ideas how can I do that?


The obvious solution, something like P:=plot (something) Q:=plot(other thing) display({P,Q}) obviously doesn't work for me.

For a math class, we have to create a roller coaster. Part of the coaster consists of two banked curves. I've tried looking it up but Maple isn't very clear on how to create the. So, how do you create banked curves in Maple?

I'm trying to plot and fill the area between these two curves from x[0,450]




I can do it separately but when I do them together, it gives me extra area that isn't shared between the two curves.

Also, whenever I try to plot them together I get the following error message:

Error, (in plot) unexpected option: 2+0.2e-3*x^2


Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I have an equation that is a function of two variables i.e Cp(beta,lambda). I have to plot several Cp curves on the same graph for a range of lambda=0..15 (x-axis). The 1st curve I want Cp@beta=0, 2nd curve Cp@beta=5, 3rdcurve Cp@beta=10 .... and so on

How can I do this without having to define a separate Cp equation for each beta value?

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