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I have a fraction where I would like to isolate a certain term by multiplying the numerator and denominator by the same term.

My fraction is:

outOverin := R[2]*s^2*L[2]*C[2]/(s^4*C[2]*C[3]*L[2]*L[3]*R[2]+s^3*C[2]*L[2]*L[3]+s^2*C[2]*L[2]*R[2]+s^2*C[3]*L[2]*R[2]+s^2*C[3]*L[3]*R[2]+s*L[2]+s*L[3]+R[2])


I would like to take out a term so that I have s4 on its own in the denominator, so I try the following:


But Maple does not take out the term like I would like it to, and I get the same fraction as before


How can I isolate s4 in the denominator?

Dear all,

I have the following problem: Maple does not simplify the denominator in the following example:

which gives


However, the result should be B. If only the denomiator is expanded it works: 



which equals the nominator except for the B...

How can I use simplify in order to yield the desired result? 

Thanks a lot!




I have a Maple result presented in the first (top) formula which I would like to format as in the second (bottom) formula:

Can this be done? This is Maple 2016.1


I seem to run into problems with (quantum) perturbation theory. In the following minimal working example, an energy denominator, as occuring in perturbation theory is not evaluated if I previously assume that the quantum number is a positive integer. It's supposed to return an error, as the energy denominator is 0.

restart; with(Physics)

a := Annihilation(N, 1, notation = explicit):

psi := Ket(N, m);

Physics:-Ket(N, m)


E := proc (g) options operator, arrow; (1/2)*g*(g-1)-mu*g end proc:

simplify(value(Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(Dagger(psi), 1/(E(m)-H)), psi)))



assume(`in`(m, nonnegint), m > 0);

simplify(value(Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(Dagger(psi), 1/(E(m)-H)), psi)))

-2*Physics:-Bracket(Physics:-Bra(N, m), 1/(-2*mu*Physics:-`*`(`a-`[N[1]], `a+`[N[1]])+2*mu*m-m^2+Physics:-`*`(Physics:-`^`(`a-`[N[1]], 2), Physics:-`^`(`a+`[N[1]], 2))-4*Physics:-`*`(`a-`[N[1]], `a+`[N[1]])+2*mu+m+2), Physics:-Ket(N, m))


Parse:-ConvertTo1D, "invalid input %1", `.`(Dagger(psi), 1/(E-H), psi)






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This is a simple question,


How do I tell maple to give only one fraction instead of a sum of several with different denominators.



if i sum 1/3 + x/5 maple simply gives me: 1/3 + x/5


I want maple to give me (5+3x)/15



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