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I don't know the use to me of having PDF exports having animations requiring huge emails since I don't own website. Yet, I've been fooling with Apple textbook maker app that has movie imort to PDFs. Someday, I'll use google drive links...

So, action item, maybe Maple would like to have a worksheet drop in to this apple textbook app Like movies. I hope it's easy from Apple taunting html5.

 when send email to technical support of maple?

i would like to encrypt email content with maple public key in gmail

In Mathematica I've a function which allows me to send a mail. I use it when I run some long time computations and I want to get an information that they are finished, etc. Is there any way to do the same thing in maple?



It appears that email notifications have gone on Christmas vacation.
When will they be back?

why does not send me email notifications ?! could anyone help ? i do not receive email notification of related posts.

There is no option to change your original email address and save in mapleprimes. 

**edit add**  Sorry the option is there but the option to save the new email is not.



My name is Jason Brown, and I am a professor of mathematics at Dalhousie University. I am trying to reach an old student of mine, Carl Hickman. Is he still working at Maple? My emails are and




Jason Brown

Is there a function in Maple which allows to send emails?
I am bulding a maplet where I want maple to send a email
as a reminder at the end of each month to a specified emailadress

Is this possible ?

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