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Dear Maple users,

I am solving a system of linear equations Ax=b where A is a matrix (243*241) which contains a rational polynomial of unknown "kappa" along with floating numbers. As suggested in some other posts I am using Linear algebra package with the LinearSolve command and option "solve" to find out unknown vector x. b is a vector having entries zero and 1. The system is such that two equations are redundant but it is difficult to recognise which two are redundant and hence for the time being I am keeping them in the matrix. (For a known value of kappa (say kappa=2) I have checked that two equations are redundant.) For the reference, the matrix and the right-hand vector b is attached as text.

There are two issues

1) Maple takes very long time (12 hours and so) to get x=b\A;

2) The result is a long expression i.e.  x[i] is a rational polynomial in kappa; a very long rational polynomial which I am importing as a text. I am not sure if maple exports all terms in the polynomial as for the different value of kappa I see Ax-b >0. 

How can I overcome this problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

I have an analytical equation with respect to time that is a Fourier series expansion of a specific function.  I would like MAPLE to generate a table of results against time.  I have always used MATLAB to handle numeric data.  How can I generate a data table in MAPLE.  I have never used the Spreadsheet tool in MAPLE.  Is that the way to go?  Is there some examples on how to do this?

My analytical function is attached:

I read from another posting that plottools:-getdata is the way to go, but I do not see that functionality in MAPLE 12?

Is it possible to export a big symbolic matrices or lists, from Maple mileu to Matlab in new versions of Maple?

If no, why Maple dont have such ability?


how can i export big equations to MS WORD? I trying copy by clicking RMB on equation and paste to WORD but i see only "null". What i can doo now?

Hello Members,

I've to export some Maple lines to a LaTex file. I used the Maple command "Export as" and I saved the file like a .tex file. But when I open that file, it doesn't work because my LaTex doesn't recognise the package \usepackage{maplestd2e}.

How can I do? I put also my file in the post!

Thank you :)

Hi all,

I am trying to have the following display correctly....



XMLTools[Print](MathML[Export](ans1;ans2);  THIS IS THE PROBLEM LINE:  I know why this is a problem but need a work around.

Essentially I would like to display:  ans1 ; ans2,  i.e with a semicolon between the two answers.

How to view the source code for a created .mv file in Maple?

Is there any convenient tool to convert Maple worksheet to Matlab m file, until today?

I have two figures that's generated in Maple (by plot), then pasted them to a worksheet, which I would like to export them to PDF format with exactly the same as it seems on Maple, meaning that these two figures need to be on the same row.

However, in the exported PDF, these two figures are always in two rows: see and Fig_1.pdf 

What I tried was: to really resize these two figures into very small size, and the export works, however, I also need three figures or four figures in one row. See and Fig_2.pdf

So there is actually two questions:

1. Can I specify some parameters in Maple such that the exported PDF is exactly 'what I see is what I get'?

2. If #1 is impossible, where can I get the information on: width of the exported PDF, how to specify the precise size of plot command etc



Whenever I export my Maple code to Latex, every line is exported twice. So the Latex code looks something like this:

\begin{Maple Normal}{
\begin{Maple Normal}{
\mapleinline{inert}{2d}{x := 3}{\[\displaystyle x\, := \,3\]}
}\end{Maple Normal}
}\end{Maple Normal}
\begin{Maple Normal}{
\mapleinline{inert}{2d}{x := 3}{\[\displaystyle x\, := \,3\]}
}\end{Maple Normal}
\mapleinline{inert}{2d}{3}{\[\displaystyle 3\]}


I would be very grateful to anyone who could offer me a solution to this issue :) 



I am exporting Maple 3d graphics to eps file with Maple 17 and Maple 2015 under Mac OS. For instance, the result of plot3d(x*y,x=0..1,y=0..1); I cannot open the resulting eps file neither with Adobe software or Apple's First View. On the contrary, I can open the eps files with Maple 18. I hope you can help me.

Best wishes


how i can save results on text file from pdsolve?



PDE := diff(u(y, t), t) = diff(u(y, t), y, y)-0.9e-1*(diff(u(y, t), y, y, y, y))

diff(u(y, t), t) = diff(diff(u(y, t), y), y)-0.9e-1*(diff(diff(diff(diff(u(y, t), y), y), y), y))


IBC := {(D[1, 1](u))(0, t)-0.9e-1*(D[1, 1, 1, 1](u))(0, t) = 0, u(0, t) = 1, u(100, t) = 0, u(y, 0) = 0, (D[1, 1](u))(100, t) = 0}

{(D[1, 1](u))(0, t)-0.9e-1*(D[1, 1, 1, 1](u))(0, t) = 0, u(0, t) = 1, u(100, t) = 0, u(y, 0) = 0, (D[1, 1](u))(100, t) = 0}








pds := pdsolve(PDE, IBC, numeric, u(y, t), spacestep = 1/5, timestep = 1/5)











fname1 := "C:/Users/test/Desktop/txtop1.txt"; seq(fprintf(fname1, "%12.8f, %12.8f\n", y, u(y, .1), y = 0 .. 10, 1)); fclose(fname1)

Error, (in fprintf) file or directory does not exist


p1 := pds:-plot(t = 0):p2 := pds:-plot(t = 1/10):

plots[display]({p2}, title = `\` profile at t=0,0.1`)






Hi all,

I've an implicit equation f(x,y,z)=0 resulting in a PLOT3D containing ISOSURFACE structure.

p := plots:-implicitplot3d(f,....)

As stated in docs an ISOSURFACE type of plots can't be exported.

So, question is, has anyone an idea on how to write a file containing points (xyz) from my plot p? Or any other way to export the computed points?

Thanks and regards



Hi, I'd like to know if is it possible to import questions from Maple TA into Maple and use them in quizes, for example. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.


I am looking for a way of exporting a large number of Maple files (*.mw) into text files (*.txt) automatically. Here are two questions:

  • Is there a ready-made tool allowing to do this?
  • If not, is it possible to export a maple file to text from the command line interface?



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