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Is it possible to compare two maple files, given that there are small changes between them?

Hi everyone,

I created a procedure "SIM" which depends on two formal parameters x and y. I write Threads:-Map(SIM, x, y) in order to execute it with the Threads package.

I would like to create .mpl files automatically, each one made of the code Threads:-Map(SIM, x, y) with specific values of x and y. For instance:

Threads:-Map(SIM, 5000, 1), then Threads:-Map(SIM, 5000, 2) ... and so on until Threads:-Map(SIM, 5000, 5000).

The fact is, I tried writing the following:

for y from 1 to 5000 do
a[y] := Threads:-Map(SIM, 5000, y);
save a[y], sprintf("SIM_%d.mpl", y)
end do

However, it does not work. The error message says "Error, save can only save names". I also tried, but without success:

for y from 1 to 5000 do
a[y] := Threads:-Map(SIM, 5000, y);
save convert(a[y], name), sprintf("SIM_%d.mpl", y)
end do

Any idea? Thanks a lot.



I have been using Maple for many years and have created many Maple procedures for my own use in different projects. My usual practice is to place the procedures in a .txt file using WordPad or NotePad on my Windows machines. Then to load, for example, a file named C:\Users\Ed\Desktop\Top Quandles\Procedures.txt I use the command 

read("C:\\Users\\Ed\\Desktop\\Top Quandles\\Procedures.txt");
read("C:/Users/Ed/Desktop/Top Quandles/Procedures.txt");

Or I can leave the path off if the file is in the same folder as my worksheet.

This has always worked well for me. But have two questions:

1. Is there is a better way to save and load a bunch of procedures? Also I might mention that I frequently have to go into the file and change procedures or add new procedures, data, etc...

2. Recently I had occasion to send a worksheet and a txt file to a Mac user. We were not able to get the worksheet I sent him to read the .txt file on his Mac. Any suggestions on how to do that on a Mac? We tried putting them both in the same folder and just using a simple read("Procedures.txt"); command but the Mac didn't like that.

Any suggestions about either of these two issues would be appreciated.



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