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I have Maple 2016 on Ubuntu 16.04.  I get an error message when attempting to plot with an x11 device, that means I have missing fonts.

I do not get this error message on Ubuntu14.04, so, I think the difference is in fonts installed.


> plot([sin(x),cos(x)],x=-Pi..Pi);
> Maple X driver failure:BadName (named color or font does not exist)Warning: Cannot convert string "-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--14-*" to type FontStruct
Warning: Cannot convert string "-adobe-helvetica-medium-r-normal--14-*" to type FontStruct

I have xfonts-100dpi and xfonts-75dpi installed.

Any idea what fonts I need to fix this?


Tom Dean



I am working on a Windows machine. In older Maple versions, decreasing the font size for the screen display (via zoom factor) also decreased the font size for the printout. But now the printout comes with a pretty large font size and does not change when using the zoom factor. It practically makes no sense anymore to print. How can I decrease the fonts for the printout to my liking?



1 heading 1

   1.1 sublevel 1

         1,1,1 subsublevel

    1.n sublevel n

2 heading 2


Here is a plot in table format of the standard Times, Helvetica, and SYMBOL fonts. This plot provides a reference table that can be used to find the character codes to plot any one-byte character that can be plotted, which is especially useful for the SYMBOL characters and character codes 128-255 in the standard fonts. These characters are available for plotting in both the Standard and Classic GUIs.

All characters are aligned to be immediately above and immediately...

I have the following problem in normal 2-D output: Greek letters appear not to show up.
Here is an example of the issue (screen shot):


I am trying to save plots to files in the batch mode (or when running maple from the terminal). The simple code below works fine from the gui interface, but when executed from the terminal, the fonts are not adjusted. I have tried exporting to other formats as well (eps, jpeg). Any ideas how to get around it?? It is problematic for me because I need to produce density plots with large data sets. Ideally I would like to export in the eps format, but these large...

Dear Maple users

I have been looking for the list of fonts used by Maple, but couldn't find it. Can someone refer me to it? I am installing lots of programs on a new computer, and since some of them are graphics programs, I get a load of fonts thrown in my Windows Font folder. Therefore it is my intention to remove a lot of the unnecessary fonts. But I don't want to remove the ones used my Maple, so I will...

I'm using Maple 14 on OSX 10.5.8.  I have a lot of expressions that look like this:

sum(a[n+2]*x^n*(n+1)*(n+2), n = 1 .. infinity);

(which doesn't seem to be rendering in 1D form)

sum(a[n+2]*x^n*(n+1)*(n+2), n = 1 .. infinity)

My problem is the when using default fonts and 100% zoom the plus signs in the subscripts aren't...

Help!!   How can I get maple 14's fonts to be smoothed?  In Windows it seems to pick up the OS setting on smoothing fonts, but not under K/ubuntu 10.10



If you're interested in scientific fonts, the 1.0 version release of the Scientific and Technical Information Exchange (STIX) fonts was announced today (May 28, 2010).

See here for its main page, or here for wikipedia's point of view.

On some Linux distributions, the default font (Lucida Bright at size 12) for text mode in Maple's Standard GUI doesn't look as good as it might at the default magnification.

Here's a screenshot of Maple 12 and some text in a worksheet (on my very old Fedora Core 2).

Notice how some letters look odd. The "i" and "s" are mismatched, as are the "u" and "c", etc. The screenshot may not do full justice to its ugliness. That is with Maple's option for font antialiasing enabled (though it wasn't improved by disabling the antialiasing -- those letters' sizes were still mismatched).

This is with Lucida Bright, which as I gather is the "recommended" font for a Java application that is intended as cross-platform. That is used at size 12 as Maple's default style for text mode (on Linux).

So I installed the "Microsoft TrueType core fonts", by following the instructions here.

My old Linux FC2 X server can handle TrueType fonts, as I believe  most  modern  Linux distributions can.

Now I get the following look, first with and then without font antialiasing enabled. It is much improved.

I don't know how the default appearance on other, more modern Linux distributions looks. Perhaps the Lucida Bright 12pt font appears more pleasing on new distributions using the stock fonts. Feedback is welcome.

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