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I am importing an excel worksheet xlsx file in to a datafile. Though the formatting in excel is perfect with 3 decimals, the data table stores many values in 14 decimals. How do I convert? What is the command? Can any one help me.

I enclose the doc and excel file for reference and use. I tried in many ways, but failed to






BTE := evalf(2.3)*Import("E:/A_PhD2017/MP1_Data.xlsx", "Brake_Thermal_Efficiency")






in my solution is 0.0000 . how can show it 0 and how can i show the solutions for example 10^-30 to zero(round to zero)


I have $ signs suddenly apearing down the side of my document. They are randomly formatting numbers. Don't know how I turned it on. How to undo?  Do they affect calculation accuracy or are they purely dislap formatting




Hello all, 

A question concerning NetCdf files was asked in 2012 and is still unanswered today.
Browsing the questions only returns this item, suggesting the NetCdf topic is not a concern in the Maple community.
Nevertheless, does it exist some capabilities in reading and writting NetCDF files ?
If not, are there some planned development on the subject ?

Let's hope now for not having to wait four years for an answer, all responses will be greatly appreciated, even negative.


PS : NetCdf capabilities already exist in Sage or Mathematica

Hey everyone,

I'm using printf to print out the following:

printf("Absolute error = %.10f \nRelative error = %.10f", abs(fractionPart-binarySum), 100*abs(fractionPart-binarySum)/fractionPart)

however, it's tedious always having to edit the two occurrences of "10" decimal places. Is there a way to define a variable like decimals := 10 and then refer to it inside the quotation marks in printf?

I've read the help page ?printf for the format codes many times over the years. I think that this is new:

The Z modifier, "%Zm" can be used to generate an alternate equivalent dotm representation that is used in communication with the GUI and in DocumentTools related functionality for the creation of XML content for .mw files.

Could someone show me an example of that?


When using units, then e.g. "2 m" is show as expected below, but "1 m" shown as only "m".  Even through correct, it is a non-standard way to write physical values.

How to get the physical values in a format of "{numerical} {unit}" even when the numerical part is 1?

Dear Community,

I generate two vectors and try to plot them one vs. the other ( ZPLOT vs. PREDS )  with the pointplot command. Unfortunately I get the message "points are not in the correct format" ... Probably a minor error, but it is unclear what format Maple expects here? What do I do wrong?

Tx. for the kind help in advance,

best regards


P.S. Maple file attached

Hi All,

I seem to have problems with the table formatting in Maple TA 2016, concretely changing the cell padding has no effect. Is this a general issue ? I don't have this problem in Maple TA 10 (I tried both versions using the same browser (Safari)).




I would like the C-Text style in 14pt Times Roman while the C-2D-Math style is 12pt.

My use case is that I am typing in a single execution block.

I use Format >> Styles and select the style for C-Text and set it to 14pt Times. I click OK to close the dialog. Next I repeat this for the C-2D-Math style but this time set the font size to 12pt and, for testing, the colour to blue. The effect is to give me 14pt Times for both styles, though the C-text is black and the 2-D-Math is blue.

Can the effect I want be achieved, or is this a bug/feature?

This is Maple 2016.1 on Windows 10 64bit

 Thanks for any help


I am using algorithmic variables to generate questions about the greatest common divisor of two integers.

Unforuntately the integers come out as 1,664 instead of simply 1664 (for example). How can I change the format to the simple version ?

Thanks for your help!



I have a simple question. 

In maple - when working with Ohm's Law.

Maple know how to calculate with e, but how can I show the result

I have calculated the following calculation:


Maple returns the result:0.0001000000000

How do I maple show the result as 1e-4?


Dear all

I have downloaded a third party Maple package from following link:

The distribution format is  "tar.gz", but I don't know what to with this format, that how should I load this package into Maple library. I have window 8.1.

If anybody have an idea about this format "tar.gz" please help me out.

I want to know the mistakes i have made in the documents attached to get the expected results every time.


Case 1: control = works fine now.

M1 := K__1*A*(Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 1, (1, 2) = -1, (2, 1) = -1, (2, 2) = 1}))/l__1 = Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 0.30e-2, (1, 2) = -0.30e-2, (2, 1) = -0.30e-2, (2, 2) = 0.30e-2})



Case 2: control = prints answer in next line.M1 := K__1*A*(Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 1, (1, 2) = -1, (2, 1) = -1, (2, 2) = 1}))/l__1 = Matrix([[K__1*A/l__1, -K__1*A/l__1], [-K__1*A/l__1, K__1*A/l__1]]) = Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 0.300000000000000e-2, (1, 2) = -0.300000000000000e-2, (2, 1) = -0.300000000000000e-2, (2, 2) = 0.300000000000000e-2})


control = prints expression and answer in the next line.

case 3

M1 := K__1*A*(Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 1, (1, 2) = -1, (2, 1) = -1, (2, 2) = 1}))/l__1 = Matrix([[K__1*A/l__1, -K__1*A/l__1], [-K__1*A/l__1, K__1*A/l__1]]) = Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 0.300000000000000e-2, (1, 2) = -0.300000000000000e-2, (2, 1) = -0.300000000000000e-2, (2, 2) = 0.300000000000000e-2})


Numeric formating does not function in case2 and cae 3. I dont know shat hv i done for these things to occur. But what should i do?




Ramakrishnan V


I'm trying to improve the fvisual aspect of a worksheet.

For some inputs or texts, I would like to reuse some formats.

Is a way to duplicate formatting such as for software like word or others ?

In others words, is there in Maple this kind of option   Duplicate formatting ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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