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for i from 0 to 3 do print("rawData[", i, "] = new double[] { ", hello(i+1), ",", data[i+1], "};") end do

wrong format after copy to notepad from the maple 15

do not know why it insert a empty line, and make "};" in another line

and there is unexpected " 


wrong format example:

"rawData[", 0, "] = new double[] { ", 73.25, ",", 0.1510425143,

"rawData[", 1, "] = new double[] { ", 73.15, ",", 0.3974080269,

"rawData[", 2, "] = new double[] { ", 72.85, ",", 0.4661517269,

"rawData[", 3, "] = new double[] { ", 73.25, ",", 0.3974080269,


expected format:
rawData[0] = new double[] { 25.0, 20.0 };
rawData[1] = new double[] { 27.0, 34.0 };


Is there a way to export worksheet to pdf format but not in A4 size since some lines are going beyond the page?

There is a slight display difference of the code between showstate() and print(). It has to do with '` name `' use where print does not show the outside '' characters.

Here is an example


and now using print


When I used


and looked at the source code there, it matched what showstat(`dsolve`); gave and not the print command. Is there a reason why print does not show all those extra characters exactly as in the source code? It seems a formatting issue, but it is better to be looking at an exact copy of the source code.

If I want to make a display of data, say 2 columns of data, with a heading on top of each column, how would one go about this in Maple? This will be for display purposes only (say for final result of a homework result, etc..)  

In Mathematica, I use the Grid command. I am not sure how to do this in Maple. I could not find Grid like command in Maple.

I can generate the data in 2 sequences  in Maple, but need to insert a heading, and also need to insert frame around eveything.

Here is an example:

    #data = [[0, 0, 0], [1, 1, 1], [2, 4, 8], [3, 9, 27], [4, 16, 64], [5, 25, 125]]

The above data has 3 columns, 6 rows. I need to insert first row also called {"index","f","g"} and then display all in nice table form. This is how I would do the above in Mathematica to give idea of what I looking for

f[x_] := x^2;
g[x_] := x^3;
data = Table[{i, f[i], g[i]}, {i, 0, 5}]
    (* {{0, 0, 0}, {1, 1, 1}, {2, 4, 8}, {3, 9, 27}, {4, 16, 64}, {5, 25, 125}} *)

And this is below the part I do not know how to emulate in Maple:

data = Insert[data, {"i", "f(i)", "g(i)"}, 1]
    #   {{"i", "f(i)", "g(i)"}, {0, 0, 0}, {1, 1, 1}, {2, 4, 8}, {3, 9, 27}, {4, 16, 64}, {5, 25, 125}}
    # now use Grid to format with frame around everything
Grid[data, Frame -> All]


I would like to know how to generate super/subscript characters in axis label. I have tried the double underscore (atomic variable style) and the super/subscript under "Format" in document mode but no luck at all. Any comment/suggestion is truly appreciated.

Yu-Hung Lien





Say sometimes, I need to copy and paste results from Maple output, either in 1D or 2D or self formatted (see this).

Sometimes, it works fine, with just a single ">" sign, like this

> v1:=[
eta[p2] = 0.260 ,
eta[p3] = 0.113 ,
eta[p4] = -0.013 ,
eta[p5] = 0.215 ,
eta[p6] = -0.189 ,
eta[phi2] = 0.020 ,


But sometimes, it looks like this:


> v1:=[
> eta[p2] = 0.260 ,
> eta[p3] = 0.113 ,
> eta[p4] = -0.013 ,
> eta[p5] = 0.215 ,
> eta[p6] = -0.189 ,
> eta[phi2] = 0.020 ,
> .......ect
> ]:


Below is a screenshot from what I get when I copy the above synatex into Maple :


Personally, when I type in multiple synatex, I tend to use shift+enter, to avoid the use of many ">"s.


It does not have any effect in practice, but is there a way to improve this? I dont like seeing many many ">"s.

I have a big expression with multiple terms. The expression is kind of :

expr = a*ln(u) + b*ln(u) + a*ln(v)+b*ln(v)

I want to factor ln(u) and ln(v) to get (a+b)*ln(u) + (a+b)*ln(v)

I tried factor(expr,ln(u)) but I get the error :
Error, (in factor) 2nd argument, ln(2*da+(4*da^2+4*d^2-4*da*Sigma[a]+Sigma[a]^2+Delta[b]^2)^(1/2)-Sigma[a]), is not a valid algebraic extension.

I tried without Delta[b] and Sigma[a] : deltab and sigmaa but it didn't work either.

Do you have an idea how to factor the many ln ?



       I have a huge sparse matrix (1.5e6 x 1.5e6) of both symbolic or non-symbolic form. When I export matrix using ExportMatrix command, it is not writing the matrix in order of rows and columns. To further explain the problem,

          Let A be that huge sparse matrix. I am using


We expect the output to be,

 1 1 0.1

 1 10 0.65




But it is writing the output as


100 1 0.25

100 25 0.65

Hence it is not writing in order. What is the way we can force it to write in order? I do understand using for loop will consume more time.

1 heading 1

   1.1 sublevel 1

         1,1,1 subsublevel

    1.n sublevel n

2 heading 2




I am working on a project where Maple's output is fed to another software which requires all it's input in specific format. So, I want to print this expression,say

y=+2.*x+.2, in this software, but it takes input as

y=2*x+0.2, So now I have to change

+2. to 2.0 or 2 (if it's starting of the equation)

-2. to -2.0

.2 to 0.2


Is there any way to convert all the numbers in the equation to...

Hello every one,

I am using similarity transformation to transform a PDE into an ODE.

I got the ode but its in a very ambiguous (unclear) form.

I need help to have the ode in a more friendly reading format.



after defining N_1 N_2 and N_3 with long numbers, and defining M by N_1*N_2*N_3 i tried to step backwards.

By entering something like: M/N_1 (what is exactly like N_2*N_3) it does not show me full numbers, but instead 1/something*M.

After refreshing M and afterwards refreshing M/N_1 it totally worked out and showed me the product of N_2*N_3

Now my question is: how can i prevent this odd display format without refreshing everytime? (i tried...


when i copy my results in excell or notepad, they are in the following format


Dear All,

I would like to know the easiest way to write data, that are stored in a matrix after a computation, to a file with a specific format. To be more precise, I wish to have the possibility to change the format for a given column.

Here is a trial (output is wrote to the terminal for simplification) based on some examples I found, but without success.

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