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Dear Mapleprimes,

I have been struggling with a problem in the last couple of days. I wish to export a Maple plot to LaTeX while ensuring font consistency. While searching for solutions online, I found the psfrag package in LaTeX. So far, however, I have been unsuccesful in making this work. As as test, I attempted to export plot(x^2) to LaTeX. I used the following code to convert to .eps which worked fine:

plotsetup(ps, plotoutput = `plot1.eps`, plotoptions = `portrait, noborder,height=5in,width=5in`);plot(x^2);

Then in LaTeX, I have:





\psfrag{x}{$ \alpha $}

However, no replacements are made. After intense Google searching I found the following post which to sum up argues that this was only possible with earlier versions of Maple.

Does anyone know if the problem has been resolved?

Does anyone know any other ways to ensure font consistency for plots imported from Maple to LaTeX?

Thank you very much in advance!



do 3D-OpenGL-Graphics in Maple 16/17 on Linux-x86_64 (openSUSE 12.2/12.3)  work with Intel HD 3000/4000 Graphics?


Thank you very much.

Ralph Trenkler

I tried to use multiple light sources with transparency for 3D plots and could not get it to work.  There are indications in the plot,structure help that this is supposed to be possible.  I have attached a worksheet that demonstrates some of the problems with the "light" and "LIGHT" options for 3D plotting.  Much of the output has been removed since the graphics take so much space.  The same plots are generated in both Windows and Linux.

Does anyone...

How would I create an interactive component similar to the Locator functionality provided in Mathematica? For example, the command in Mathematica

  Graphics[Polygon[pt], PlotRange -> 2],
  {{pt, {{0, 0}, {1, 0}, {1, 1}, {0, 1}, {1, -1}}}, Locator}

creates five Locator objects stored in the variable pt. This example can be found in the

Hi all.

I want to make a graphical application for a webpage, showing curves with a certain number of points on X axis (about 10 or 15), and some sort of “handles” on curve values (for every curve,...

Need to do in maple smth like that:

I recently had a journal article accepted but was told that several of the graphs had to be redone because the axes were not thick enough to reproduce. Unfortunately, Maple has no way to edit the axes for thickness, so I had to export the differential equations to Matlab and integrate them there to get publication quality graphs. I have been having more trouble every year with the quality of Maple's graphics output, and this really puts a cherry on it. I would be pleased as punch if Maple could include a graph editor that would let us customize a graph to make it presentable to publishers. Maple does so many things so well it is a shame to leave this on the back burner.

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