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Dear All

I calculate something with gr tensor, for example Ricciscalar. How can I save it in maple memory? As you know, in this situation you can not use your calculation directly and it seems that it saved in grtensor memory not maple memory. For example, if you want to plot Ricciscalar, you should save it as a new definition in maple and then plot it. 

Thank you.

Hi everyone,

I am new to Maple, and require the use of grtensorii in my research. The package is installed correctly and will open fine, but it has troubles in finding the metric files to use. When I try to qload the metric I want I get the error message:

Error, (in qload) Could not find metric perturbed.

I have spoken to some colleagues who ran into similar issues making grtensor compatible with Maple 15, and they ran the commands


I have install Maple13 and GRTensorII on my PC (Ubuntu12.04) ~ but GRTensor dosent work ! When i start Maple13 ,there are the words "Error, "/home/herb/.mapleinit" is an empty file". 

Is anybody can help me out of it? I really have done the following in README:

3. Go to the INSTALLDIR. In this directory you will find a file called
mapleinit.sample. This is a Maple configuration script which has
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